Monday, January 31, 2011

Lallie in Lilly and the Seafood Festival

 I'll start with a conversation Lallie and I had this morning.

I was putting a plain hot pink t-shirt (not Lilly) on Lallie this morning after which Lallie got very distraught. 
ME:  "What's wrong baby girl?"
LALLIE:  (insert pouty face) "Where's my palm tree?"
ME: "Palm tree?"
LALLIE: "My palm tree that's on my dresses and shirts?"
ME: "Oh honey, we need to keep those outfits nice and you're going to school today."
LALLIE:  "I can't go to school without my palm tree shirt!"

Well....I was able to redirect Lallie's attention with a vitamin (the favorite part of her morning) and she forgot all about the palm tree.  But OH.MY...what HAVE I done?

We has an absolutely jam packed weekend.  It seemed that we woke up, got in the car, went and did something, came home for 30 minutes, hopped back in car to go somewhere else....over and over again!

Saturday, we went to our local Seafood Festival.  We ate shark bites, calamari, fish tacos, conch fritters, shrimp kabob...I can't remember it all!  Yum!

We saw pirates!

Even the dogs wanted in on the seafood action!

Lallie sat back and watched the action from the comfort of her Chico stroller....balloons and all.
What did Lallie eat?  A hot dog.

....and a WHOLE bag of popcorn.

In big news:  Lallie rode her very first pony!!

That night we went out to dinner at our favorite local establishment, courtesy of a Christmas gift certificate from Mother and Daddy.  What's a dinner without a couple (comatose-ing) desserts?
Ignore my sun burnt face, I clearly forgot to put on sunscreen for the day at the Seafood festival.

Sunday, we headed to church and then attempted to get mother /daughter pedicures with a friend.  It didn't work out (who knew salons were all closed on Sundays).  Poor Lallie was SO upset....but we stopped for lunch and all was right with the world.
Here's sweet Lalllie in her Lilly outfit watering the flowers.


  1. What a fun weekend! Lallie is so adorable, and I love her Lilly! I just think little girls look so cute in their Lilly shifts!

  2. OMGosh.....that is too too funny.
    Like mother like daughter:)

    Hope your Monday is great,

  3. Sounds like such a fun weekend!!!! Lallie is so funny that she needed a palm tree on it!!! So weird that all the salons were closed on Sundays! Glad you guys were sill able to go to lunch!!! Hope you're having a great Monday!!

  4. How funny that she recognizes Lilly at this age!! It looks like you all had a fabulous weekend!!!