Thursday, October 21, 2010

Animal Kingdom & A Special Visit

We arrived back at our hotel room Saturday night and Lallie was thrilled to see the towel swans!  I love these little towel sculptures, makes us feel like we're important guests :-)
We went to sleep Saturday night, ready to pack it up and head home on Sunday morning.

But we woke up on Sunday and said.....nah, we're having too much fun!  Let's go to Animal Kingdom!
We forgot that we really don't like Animal Kingdom too much as there are very few rides Lallie can go on and most of the shows are scary.....Lallie, unfortunately, peed in her pants during the Nemo show (literally).  The only seats remaining were very close the front and the sharks scared her quite a bit.  Poor baby :(

That's okay, we moved on to see Winnie the Pooh, Eoyore and Tigger (with Eoyore and Tigger left right before our turn....hmph!

We went on Rafiki's train ride to the petting zoo, which Lallie loved seeing all the animals and playing with them.  We also got to pet a ferrett!  Lallie says she wants one now (that would be a .....NO!)

This picture is on the walk to the petting zoo.  Believe it or not, there was noone on the path, perfect for pictures and finally getting a little quiet time to talk!

Sorry, that's all the pictures I have from Animal Kingdom.  Frankly, we were so tired and ready to go home by time 4 o'clock rolled around.  I think next time, we'll just spend two days as we do have the luxury of going up there on a whim whenever we want.

What matters though, it that we had a blast on our very first SLPS Family (only) vacation!! And we will cherish the memories forever!


In other news.....guess who is coming to see us tonight?????  Her flight rolls in at 11:45 and Husband is going to pick her up while I stay home with Lallie.
That's right!  Ashleigh....a/k/a GW (don't ask).

Happy Thursday Y'all!  I'll see you on Monday with some updates about our weekend during Ashleigh's visit!


  1. I can't wait to get there! This day is going to dddddrrraaaaaggggggg on! Woohoo!

    Rock on! GW

  2. I was not aware Ashleigh was checking out early this week! What?!?!?

    Also, when I was Lallie's age my parents took me to Disney and they have this hilarious picture with me screaming my head off with minnie. I apparently was deathly afraid of that giant mouse but my parents insisted on the photo op. And now we can all laugh about it.

  3. Lallie is adorable! So glad you guys had a great vacation together :)

  4. Come on! Let's see some pics of that cute daughter of yours with her awesome godmother! I'm dying up here!!

  5. Wow! I bet Lallie had the best time. Aside from the "P" accident, sounds like it was a blast. Can you believe none of my kids have been to Disneyland yet? Can you believe it will cost a family of SEVEN at least $8,000.00 to take a trip to Disneyland? Gee, I wonder why we haven't gone yet. I think that may have to be a graduation gift trip.

  6. Hi sweetie! Sounds like your busy little family has been having an absolute BLAST! Miss Lallie just looks like she is in heaven in all of these pictures :) So sweet!

    I'm slowly making my way back to the blog world, but couldn't feel right about it without visiting my favorite ladies :) Hope all is well in your world, sending you a great big hug!! xoxo

  7. Looks like y'all had such a good time! I haven't ever been to Animal Kingdom! I'm sure GG would love it!