Thursday, November 4, 2010

Auntshleigh's visit

Whew, what a month it's been!  Busy busy with all sorts of things.  Mostly work and family but having fun!!

First, Ashleigh's visit.  We had SUCH a good time!  We watched football from the warm pool (i.e. Clemson one, U.K. lost - surprised?)

We ate all kinds of food including Auntshleigh's favorite....Mexican.  We used to eat Mexican every Tuesday at 6 pm at a little place in Lexington, Kentucky called Jalapenos.  They had the best cheese queso dip.  To this day, 10 years later, Ashleigh still order queso no matter where we're at!

Onto the pictures!

Of course, I can't resist a picture of Lallie in Lilly!

On Friday, we had to run to Lallie's doctor appointment and Ashleigh wasn't about to let any time lapse without her being with her Goddaughter!  Here they are playing on the chalkboard while waiting.

And of course, football from the pool!  Can't beat South Florida in late October can you?

Halloween pictures and some new SLPS designs (including boys!!!) coming soon!


  1. watching football from the pool sounds like a blast.

  2. I'm surprised you didn't put the one of me giving her popcorn and Pepsi before dinner in there :-). Bad Godmother I am!