Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How to Make Toddler Headbands / Day 2 of 30

Lallie is really loving headbands right now.  Mainly because she can get away with wearing one without mommy pulling on her hair to brush it and put in tie-backs!

However, headbands can get pretty pricey.  So I checked out etsy and found someone who sells twelve 1/4" plastic headbands for $3.00 (plus shipping).  Click HERE if you are interested.

Being a good southern lady, I have a plethora of grosgrain ribbon hidden in three drawers in my craft room closet.  So between the headbands, loads and loads of fabric and embellishment I have stored and ribbon, I made some pretty nifty hair accessories and Lallie loves them!

The How-To:

1.  Take a small piece of ribbon and hot glue over the ends of the headband.

2.  Place some hot glue on the end of the headband and begin wrapping and overlapping the ribbon all the way around the headband, dabbing spots of glue every couple of inches along the way.

3.  Add some accessories!  Get creative! 
 I've had this pink flower forever knowing I'd use it for something eventually. 

For this one, I took a long, thin strip of brown and white polka dot fabric and tied a bow (easy, peasy!). 

For  this Lilly-fied headband, I cut out five circles of old Lilly Pulitzer fabric and folded four of them into quarters and then sewed them to the flat circle.  I then took a small flower from an inconspicuous place on my laundry room floral bouquet and hot glued it to the middle of the flower.


I'm working on a fourth headband that is one long strip of fabric wrapped along the headband, for a "not so perfect" look (if that makes any sense).

Day 2 of the 30 in 30 Challenge:
Cardigan: The Limited
Camisole:  Anthropologie
Pants: The Limited
Jewelry: Pearl strand and pearl earrings (of course!)
Purse: Louis Vuitton Batignolles
Shoes: Attilio Giusti Leombruni
Now, here's my version.  I am wearing The Limited cardigan, Ann Taylor pants, Ann Taylor shoes and a white Gap camisole.  You know I just LOVE to take pictures of my outfits (heehee, so don't laugh).  I don't look nearly as good as the model (if I did, I'd BE a model!). 
OH - and pearl necklace broke :(, so I am wearing my sapphire and diamond pendant with a necklace that my husband gave me the night before our wedding.  He also picked out the pendant and it is very unique, I get lots of compliments on it.  This is my go-to necklace whenever I don't wear my pearls.

Happy Wednesday Y'all!


  1. One of these days your craftiness will rub off on me. It hasn't yet in the many years I have known you...

  2. Love the day GG will wear those! And I'm such a fan of look great and so preppy!

  3. cardigans are a great preppy touch to almost any outfit:-) Michaels Craft Stores sells headbands as well, but they're a bit wider

  4. I was not aware feeding apple cores to dogs was a normal occurance, crazy!