Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween - My Little Cinderella

Ever since our trip to Disney World, Lallie has wanted to be a princess.  She chose her favorite, Cinderella.
Saturday, we went to the church Trunk or Treat where Lallie just had the best time with her friends.
AND....for the first time ever, she wasn't afraid of the bounce house (though I was quite afraid and stood as close as possible to the bounce house to ensure Lallie was always in my sight....some of those kids get crazy in the bounce house and I was terrified she'd get trampled!)

Princess Cinderella and her friend Princess Belle (Kyla).

Out of the at least 100 kids at the Trunk or Treat, Lallie won the prize for the most princess-y!!!

Sunday afternoon, before Trick-or-Treating, Lallie painted her pumpkin.

She named it Pumpkin Pastor Bob after one of the pastors at our church.  He was flattered.

We also planted flowers in our front yard, red and white impatiens.  Lallie got a special purple and pink one to plant right up front, so she can water and feed them and watch them grow!  She loved planting the flowers with her daddy.

And of course, Cinderella herself.

Princess Lallie loves her daddy!!!

All in all we had a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  Hope you all did too!

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