Thursday, November 11, 2010

Famous Christmas Homes

I know, I know....Thanksgiving isn't even here yet, but since I live in South Florida with warmer weather, I long for those holidays where I can pretend it's chilly outside and start to decorate.
It has gotten cooler earlier this year, it's a chilly 59 degrees out this morning, brrrr.....

I thought it would fun, to get you (and me) into the Christmas spirit by doing a few posts over the next few weeks about famous Christmas homes and their decorations.

First up....well, I'll let you guess for yourself!

Ever since this movie came out in 1990, long before I ever even dreamed of owning a home of my own, I knew that at the very least, I would one day have a bedroom that I decorate up for Christmas every year!

I LOVE, love, LOVE the parents bedroom from Home Alone.  The wreath over the in-room fireplace, the Christmas bedding, the red flannel PJ's and green robe, the poinsettias everywhere.  They even had one of those gift wrapping stations in the bedroom (I couldn't find any pictures).  I want a gift wrapping station!  Right now, my station is a home depot bucket with a landscapers apron around it holding all my supplies.  An actual station would be a little classier :-)

Every nook and cranny in this house is covered in some sort of Christmas decoration.  On the corner of the steps, on the piano and even though there aren't many actual decorations in the kitchen, the overall design just screams "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year."

I have always wanted to decorate our house up and down, in a classy way of course, for Christmas.  However, I struggle with this quite a bit for a few reasons.  Florida homes tends to be very open, no room segregation and the paint tends to all be one color.  Another reason, most people celebrate Christmas down here in shorts and a tee-shirt (it's very hard to get into the spirit that way unless you grew up here).  Not a lot of people have molding around their doors (hence, nowhere to pin your garland) and ceilings tend to be very tall with lots of wall space.  AND, we don't have fireplaces (most places don't anyways).

So, rather than watching Home Alone the movie this year (as we all, I'm sure, know it by heart)....I'm going to be scoping it out for decorating ideas.  One thing is for sure, I think I'm going to put poinsettias everywhere!  They are easy to decorate around, care for and just so colorful!  Love them!

 Oh, and for those of you that live up north, I sincerely hope that for the one day of Christmas (because we're all at home on that day and we don't have to worry with the issues surrounding snow)....but, I all hope you're home looks like this!

Happy Thursday Y'all!


  1. I love the outside of the house. White lights are my favorite.

    Last Christmas Eve/Christmas, it snowed like crazy. Big, beautiful flakes. In fact, my son and I built a big snowman Christmas morning while the mister plowed the driveway. It was almost magical. And, yes, our house looked exactly like the one in the photo. It was too cool.

    Fun post, Jennifer.

  2. I can't have Poinsettias. They are toxic for kitty cats. And I love my little Joey too much. Every year I get one as a gift and every year I have to give it (or throw it) away. But they are in fact beautiful! And please don't wish all of that snow on me. I do have to drive in it as I will not be at my home on Christmas. Thank you!

  3. I grew up in Winnetka (where this home is located). My family still lives there and well I am actually not too far. For a few years after the movie was filmed here they would decorate the house as it was in the movie.

  4. Love that house, went to college right by that house

  5. Don't you just swoone over that house!! Love it!

  6. Good morning from Tokyo!

    I recognized the McAllistair's home right away! "Home Alone" is a Christmas favorite of my daughter's, and we throughly enjoy the eye candy each and every time.

    Chicago in Christmas looks truly magical, doesn't it?

    A lovely day to you and yours...



  7. I love that house and am wanting to see the movie now.
    I wonder how it is decorated 20 years later.

  8. You just got me a little more excited for Christmas :)

  9. I have been there! While in Chicago for holidays we just had to drive the kids out to see it. Its even more beautiful in real life. xoxo

  10. Love that house!! Can't wait for my son to be old enough to watch Home Alone!! :)