Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Car Seat Dilemma! Calling all toddler mommies!!

Husband and I need help!

Lallie is super tiny, but tall.  She just hit 25 lbs (give or take a few if she becomes ill), but she is a normal size 2T in length (meaning all her long pants which are 18 months to fit her waist, are capris).  When she turned three, she was still right at or just under 20 pounds... she's grown quite a bit these past few months (well, she's grown for Lallie in the last few months).

That being said, she became a forward facing child earlier than she really should have by safety regulations, but really, try keeping a screaming 2.5 year old facing backwards all the time.  No can-dos-ville (anyone watch How I Met Your Mother?)  She was wrestling herself out of the harness and causing all kinds of issues, it was less safe that way in my opinion.

Moving on:
My parents bought us a really nice carseat as a baby gift and Lallie has been using it for quite some time, but here lately, on a trip longer than an hour, she complains about her back hurting and being uncomfortable.  I think this is because the straps won't go any higher and are putting a little pressure on her shoulders, pushing her down.  She's tall enough for a booster, but not heavy enough since she's only 25 lbs.

I did some research and the only booster seat I've found with good ratings is the Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 booster seat (actually, it's the only booster I've found that can equip a 25 lb toddler).  It can be used for  a five point harness for smaller kids and can be changed as the toddler grows.

Has anyone had any experience with this car seat and if not, what car seat / booster do you use and why do you just love it?  Of course, safety first, but we have a couple long trips ahead of us over the next few months and we want Lallie to be safe AND comfortable.


Happy Tuesday Y'all!


  1. I do not have a nautilus, but have heard nothing but GREAT things about them. Babies R Us will let you try it in your car in the parking lot to make sure it installs properly. I have a Britax and they are worth every penny, and great for tall and light weight kids (like mine too), but I don't think at 3 I would spend the money on it. I would get the Nautilus because it can be your booster and work for the next several years.

  2. Britax is worth every penny, just like Kelly said in her comment/post. However, they are expensive.

    I would def. go with something convertible. Try going to babies-r-us and they will let you take the seat to the car to test it.

    Eddie Bauer is a great brand. My oldest (4 years old) is very tiny. She is 25 llbs soaking wet and tall for her age & the Eddie Bauer convertible is perfect for her.

    Hope you find something soon!
    good luck!
    do you have facebook? It might not hurt to post the question to your friends there?

  3. They actually have car seat strap extenders. I used them with three of my kiddos. It will provide you (Lallie) with a little extra length in that strap without having to compromise and move away from a 5 point system.

  4. Good morning from Tokyo!

    I'm not familiar with the brand you mentioned, but Britax is a superb car seat~with a five point harness~and goes from newborn to 4-5 years. It's super comfortable, top-rated, and both of my children have used them. They are pricey but worth every single penny. Also, they're made in a way that very tall children can use them. My daughter has always been exceptionally tall and she was able to use it for years. There are also 3 levels to adjust your straps as well as your daughter grows.

    Best of luck on your search!



  5. we had that seat for mini k before she could be in a backless booster and she loved it! she is 4 and 46" tall.

  6. My 3 year old who is barely 25 pounds is in a Britax. Her 5 year old brother is in a Radian 80 which I love - its 5 pounds to 80 pounds, steel frame and sits low on the seat. I wish I had purchased only this car seat.