Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pirate Party at Oceanographic Museum / Day 1 of 30

Good morning Y'all!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

We didn't do much other than run a few errands and work in the garden and clean house.  However, on Saturday, we did go to a pirate birthday party at our local oceanographic museum (hence the black and gold beads and skull & crossbones)..

Lallie had the best time with her friends, exploring the wonderful sea creatures they have out for viewing at the museum.

Making animal footprints in the sand and then matching to the pictures of animals. 
Lallie was very interested in this project.
Arghhh mateys! 
Lallie really enjoyed looking at the sea cucumbers, mollusks, starfish and hermit crabs and
loved learning all about them.  She actually asked quite a few questions. 
Of course, she refused to touch them though (taking her cue from mommy who won't touch them either).


As for Day 1 in the 30 in 30 Challenge: 

A very classic look coordinated with staples that every women should have in her closets\.  Solid colored cardigans, white button down shirt and black pumps.

It is amazing what you can build with staple pieces, the numerous amounts of outfits.  You'll probably see these black pumps and the white button down a lot in my 30 in 30, since as a business women, it's always best to dress classic but not flashy when in the office.  The red and houndstooth give just enough interest without being boring in all gray or black.

Houndstooth skirt (mine is from Banana Republic, the one pictured is Adrienne Vitaddini).
Red cardigan - The Limited
White button down - the Limited
Black Jimmy Choo pumps (which I don't own, but wish I did!  Mine are Nine West)
Of course, my strand of pearls and pearl earrings
and my Louis Vuitton Batignolles horizontal

Welcome to Polyvore!

Happy Tuesday Y'all!


  1. I love that skirt. And I wear everthing with my pearls. In college we would even wear them with our t-shirts and jeans... gotta love living in SC! :)

  2. Y'all are adorable!!! I'm glad Lallie had so much fun!

  3. Good evening from Tokyo!

    I cannot believe I'm on here this late, but I had to drop a note...Your daughter is just precious and it looks like everyone had a good time at the museum. What a nice change from a strictly "indoor" museum.

    Your outfit is awesome, too! It's easily interchangable and the pieces are terrificly classic. So pretty!

    Have a wonderful day...



  4. The Limited is one of my favorite stores to shop in. I saw that you were getting one when I was down there last month. Now we can dress alike :-). I wish my mom still worked there so I still got her discount though... Can't wait to see you next month. Matt can't wait to meet you guys ;-)

  5. These are all such classic staples that go with so many outfits. Great job!