Friday, November 12, 2010

30 in 30

Hello dear friends!  I have been receiving lots of fun new followers lately and don't think I'm not reading, I am....I'm just usually too busy to comment! (Sad, I know....I really will try to do better!)
I'll blame it on budget's that?

One of my newest followers is a Elizabeth over at Southern Blossoms.  She always starts her comments with "Good morning from Tokyo" which intrigued me!  Who could be reading my blog from across the world, I wondered?  Well, I started following Mrs. Elizabeth and discovered she is doing this lovely project called "30 in 30".  I couldn't figure out what she was talking about at first, but did discover she was putting together some really great, preppy and cute outfits!

After reading along, I discovered that a few days ago, nearly 340 blogs (that's right...340 lovely women) are running a project, headed up by Kendi's Everyday, to wear 30 different clothing items in 30 different ways and combinations over 30 days.  This includes shoes, but I don't think it includes accessories (if it did include accessories, I cheated, but that's okay because technically I'm not participating).

I missed the boat on this one, but that doesn't mean I can't play along and pretend.  So, rather than going through my closet, I went shopping (in my blog mind that is....- calm down honey, I didn't really GO shopping.)

I combined 30 shoes and clothing items that I either already own or would like to own and over the next thirty days, along with a regular blog post, I will post what combination of clothing I would wear that day (AND, if I AM wearing, I will glady post a picture).  This is big for me because I generally don't like to post pictures of myself, a little self conscious.  So....dear Husband, get out the "good" camera, you're going to be photographer and make me look pretty! :-)

If you're not participating (or cheating, like un-southern of me), I at least encourage you to hope over to Kendi's Everyday and see who is participating and the outfits they pick out each day!  For a person like me, who doesn't have much fashion style outside the bright colors of Lilly Pulitzer, this is a challenge, so I look forward to gaining inspiration from other women's choices (notice I said inspiration, not copying. Extremely un-southern).
So, here are my picks....I worked hard on this so don't laugh.

(I don't know why this is blurry)

So, I hope no one minds my jumping in on this bandwagon!

So come Monday, expect my first outfit!  Have a great weekend everyone!

Happy Friday Y'all!


  1. I just stumbled across Elizabeths blog 2 days ago. This challenge is amazing! I really wish I had heard of it before hand. But it really has me thinking....there are so many shirts and tops in the back of my closet. Maybe it's time I pull everything out and try mixing and matching! Can't wait to see what you come up with! xoxo

  2. She is one of my best friends IRL.

    I can't wait to see your outfits.

  3. Ohio gozaimasu!

    I thought I'd shake things up by greeting you in Japanese this morning. Ha! Thank you for such a wonderfully, kind nod in this entry. The "30 for 30" Challenge has been just that~a challenge. I've been trying to think a bit more outside my comfort zone, and find myself slowly getting there. I don't want to abandon my tastes and classic style, but I think doing it up with a twist will definitely keep things from getting boring!

    I cannot wait to see the first of your ensembles tomorrow. Your chosen pieces are just lovely!

    Have a wonderful Sunday...



  4. What a fun idea! I like all the mixing and matching :)