Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Trip to Disney World!!!

That's right! Our big surprise for Lallie was a trip to Disney World!  So you know what that means!

Yep....picture overload for the next few days!  :-)

We went up Thursday night & actually had just enough time for a quick visit and dinner to Downtown Disney.  Lallie LOVED Lego-Land and really did not want to leave.  We visited there on the way in and on the way out of Downtown.

We ate fish and chips at the Irish Pub.  It was actually quite yummy (though Lallie....surprise, surprise.... didn't eat a bite).  By the way, Minnie went with us everywhere!

Friday, we got up bright and early and headed over to our hotel, the French Quarter.  As soon as we checked in, we got on the Magic Kingdom bus and headed over to the park for the day.
It wasn't quite crowded yet, so the first thing we saw (and the only short line for the day) was for Snow White!  This is Lallie's current favorite movie, so this was an absolute treat and Lallie could hardly wait to see her!  She told Snow White all about the palm trees on her dress.

Now what's a trip to the Magic Kingdom without a picture with Cinderella's castle in the background.  Lallie was on Daddy's shoulders and refused to get down for the picture.  Hey, can you blame her?  Up that high....that's prime seating for Magic Kingdom viewing!

Probably Lallie's favorite ride (on most of the others her eyes were shut!).  Prince Charming's Carousel.

Disney's Philharmagic!  Lallie agreed to wear the glasses before we went in, but that is of course, before she realized what they do!
I have to say that Lallie was scared of most rides, during them.  After them, she'd clap and say that was fun, but when asked if she wanted to go again....the result was a quick "NO!"

Again, what is Disney without a turkey leg!!!

The 3 pm pararde (we stayed for all three parades, Lallie loved them!)
I love these guys....Mickey and Minnie that is!

We kept telling Lallie that we were going to visit Mickey and Minnie's houses!  She didn't understand the concept of their house being all of Disney World, she was pretty insistent that we actually go SEE their physical houses.
So here we are, at Minnie's house.

"This is like your sewing machine, mommy.  But bigger!"

"Tea anyone?"

And the residents themselves (Lallie wasn't scared of any characters, except Jiminy Cricket.  She was  little apprehensive of Pooh, though was perfectly fine as long as I was nearby).

It was getting late.  We had eaten our dinner and had a couple hours to spare before the 9 pm Electric Parade.  We were lucky and found this store on Main Street where the kids can color pictures.  It was a nice break and kept Lallie calm and out of trouble for about an hour!
Of course, she and all the other kids were just little charmers.....they had the staff coloring with them!

Onto the parade!  We achieved prime location right near the front of Main Street.  Talked with some lovely people and had a great end to the night.  Here's Lallie all decked out in her Disney gear!
(Notice the chocolate....yes, we bribed our child to sit still with ice cream....at 8 o'clock.  Hey, the trip was all about her, so why not spoil a little!).

Yay!  The Parade (which also meant.....almost bedtime for a very tired kiddo!)

Tomorrow!  Epcot's Food and Wine Festival!

Happy Tuesday Y'all!


  1. Yall are too cute! Loved the pictures!

  2. How fun! I love Disney World. Such a magical place.

    You all look like you had the best time! :)

    Lallie is so cute!

  3. Y'all are just the cutest family, Jennifer! Absolutely adorable! What a fantastic trip!! Little Lallie looks like she had the best time! The picture of her with Snow White needs to be framed!!


  4. That brings back so many memories. I'm glad you had so much fun.

    Rock on! GW

  5. Looks like Lallie had a wonderful time- what a great surprise!

  6. It's awesome to see Lallie having such a fabulous time. Disney really is a kids paradise!