Friday, May 14, 2010

Pepsi Equals Weight Gain. How Did This Happen?

(Update - I should prefaced this by saying no comments from the peanut gallery before posting this - Hubs has already called me with a lecture).

I have gained three pounds over the last 6 weeks.  My clothes are slowly but surely being weened out of my summer closet because they are too small.  


Because of the move to our new office.

You see, our new office is REALLY nice  Travertine floors, marble countertops in the file area, wainscotting, custom framed pictures and huge offices.

We also have a state-of-the-art kitchen in which Mr. Bossman decided to start stocking the fridge for his employees with this:

In the five years I've worked for Mr. Bossman, this has never been in option.  I've always had my own water and that's what I drank all day long.  Now with the option to have Pepsi fourteen times a day, I'm taking it (plus the coffee).

Now, this is not a good thing. 

Caffeine + sugar = weight gain + heart palpitations

Some of you know I have a mild heart condition.  Nothing serious but I've had two procedures to "cure" it (for lack of better words) and they have both been unsuccessful.  No worries, I'm heavily medicated, but the caffeine and sugar is making my heart jump and palpitate.  Not a good feeling if you have those.

Not to mention my teeth.  This soda is NOT good for them either.

So, how am I going to combat my addition to Pepsi?  Because right now, I'm reading this post and thinking, "eh, heart jumping, bad teeth, weight gain?  Whatever! I'm having a Pepsi!"

Oh, this is going to be difficult!

(And in all fairness to Pepsi Co., I can't completely blame them.  There are Coke products as well - I can't think of all the different companies, but you get my drift.  We are well stocked).

Happy Friday y'all!


  1. We are in the same boat. My company has fully stocked beverages at all times. I try to be good and go for the flavored seltzer waters. Maybe you can ask bossman for some water options?

  2. Maybe try the crystal light packets in bottled water for some flavor, yet not soda! Or even juice watered down. I haven't had soda all semester at school and I don't even miss the taste of it (not that I ever drank very much soda). Good luck!

  3. I was going to say the same things as mFw. Try the mix-ins. They taste better than water, and are much better for your body than Pepsi. You'll notice a huge difference in how you feel in like two days.

  4. Screw it! Drink the pepsi. It tastes good. Then work out :-). Rock on! GW.

  5. Ok, I am dealing with this same thing right now. I had stopped buying/drinking a lot of diet cokes for a few months. And, in addition to eating less calories and healthier along with working out, I have lost about 15-20 pounds (depending on when I weigh lol) -- but, I've started the diet coke habit again, and I feel swollen and as if I've gained a few pounds (especially in my tummy). So, I am trying to detox once again from the soda habit. They truly are so bad for you (diet and regular). One time I saw a cleaning show that used a can of coke to clean stubborn stains out of a sink and, and we put that into our bodies! Scary!!