Friday, May 14, 2010

Summer Wish List

I have been looking at getting a Louis Vuitton for a while now: putting Coach aside and moving on after many years of loyalty.  Thanks to Blue Eyed Bride, I have found the one I would love.  The Galleria PM. I love it and it's perfect for my particular purse needs.

I recently went to Macy's to pick up a wedding gift and fell in love with Martha Stewart's cast iron casseroles and a particular place setting.  You can still get the pale blue casseroles on sale (not on the website) and the green place setting is perfect for my dining room decor.  It's still in the planning stages, but I plan on using this green color.  It's just happy!

Of course, I can't go through a wish list without some clothing and accessories!

J. Crew ankle stretch toothpick jeans.  Yes ladies, I am breaking out of my shell and wishing for white jeans.  Who would have ever thought?  I love them!

For the pool, I nearly purchased this hat from The Limited on my recent trip to Kentucky.  It is kind of a shimmery gold, floppy without covering your eyes so you can't see and is really quite adorable.

Of course, what good is a hat without a bathing suit or sunglasses?  Lilly Pulitzer (surprise, surprise) is my go-to for summer outerwear.  Pink and green, can't go wrong!

I was introduced to these sunglasses in Kentucky.  I was wearing my Tory Burch flats and the Sunglass Hut sales person noticed and showed me her sunglasses.  I love them and they fit me perfectly!  Not the black ones, but the brown leather ear parts with gold clasp and tortoise shell eye bands, the lenses a little gold (I don't know sunglass terminology, forgive me).  Tres chic.

Last but not least, Stella and Dot.  I really would like this necklace and am hoping to get it for free at my upcoming Stella and Dot trunk show at the end of the month.
Anyone want to buy something and credit it to my show so I can get this for free?  Anyone?  You know where to find me! :-)

What is on your summer wish list?


  1. I love the green and white plates - so cute an summery! My next pair of sunglasses will most definitely be Torys! Glad you love them!

  2. Love all of your choices here! Especially love that LV bag. I gave my mother-in-law a knock-off version of that same purse two Christmases ago, but it being a knock-off, it only lasted her about a year before it started falling apart. Word to the wise, always stay true to the real thing. :)

  3. I love the bikini! I couldn't imagine wearing white jeans tho...I dont have the guts! Or maybe I have too much gut lol!

  4. I will get you the hat. Just say the word...
    Rock on! GW

  5. I have wanted a LV for as long as I can remember, but I just cannot justify spending that kind of money on a handbag right now. Within the next few years, I will own my very own Louis (or 3 or 4)! hehe!

    I LOVE my white jeans for Summer! Hope you enjoy yours :)

  6. Great picks! I love the suit! Too cute! :)

  7. great choices, i'm wishing for the new bandeau bikini by Lilly P!