Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Spy A Preppy

 To steal from a friend and blogger Tickled Pink and Green, I'm going to use the phrase "I Spy A Preppy."  And for good reason too!

Husband and I attended a wedding that literally looked like a Kentucky Derby party that broke out into a wedding.  That is exactly what the couple intended and just after the receiving line and a mint julep from a fountain, we gathered to watch the running of the Derby (where the mulitple Kentuckians broke out into My Old Kentucky Home without fear of scrutiny over singing voices - it was great, felt like home).

Moving on, while watching the Derby, I spotted this couple:

She is wearing Lilly, of course, and looks gorgeous with her matching Derby-style hat.  Her purse matches his tie and hat, a pink and purple pattern.  But the real kicker (and you can't really see it in the picture), his suit is entirely seersucker!  The pants and jacket were a subtle khaki and white seersucker and it was so adorable.  Other than the bride and groom, this couple was considered the best dressed non-wedding party couple at the wedding.

Happy Tuesday y'all!  Don't forget enter my summer book giveaway!


  1. Love that dress! Need pics of you! What did you wear?? Sounds like a fun wedding, and wow, mint juleps out of a fountain, sounds neat! Looks like the weather was beautiful, as well. So great!

  2. How fun! I'm a Kentucky girl myself.

  3. Love a man in a seersucker suit!

  4. I actually don't have Twitter, I just trust you, if you give me a shout-out about the giveaway. :) Thanks for entering!

  5. I love her dress. I have the Betsey dress from the season before that in pink. It's one of my faves! And seersucker....I die:)

  6. That is an amazing idea for a wedding! It sounds like so much fun! I love the I spy a preppy! Hope you have a great day!

  7. My cousin Mary had an engagement party Saturday night and it was a surprise to friends/family and they got married that night! Was it in Summerville?