Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Do you LUSH? LUSH cosmetics that is!

I do.  But only recently.

Ashleigh introduced me to it and I am in LUSH love!

It's actually a funny story.  LUSH cosmetics has had a store inside the Louisville Macy's for some time now.  Ashleigh has always talked about it and she was going to buy Lallie some bubble bath a while back, but I told her no because Lallie has "issues" with bubble baths, though she loves them.

Well, Ashleigh took me to LUSH this weekend and I bought a couple of bath bombs for Lallie.  You know, the fizzy bombs.  Asheigh had mentioned that she LOVES the bombs and they smell so good and make her skin so soft.
I bought nothing else.

While driving to the store Why Louisville?, Ashleigh gave me the LUSH speil, the "core values" as LUSH calls them.

LUSH products are all organic made from fresh veggies and fruits.
Each product is made by hand, they use little to no presevatives and each product has a date made stamp and sticker showing who made the product.
They do not test on animals.
They have a recycling program.  Something like, bring five tubs of used product back, get one free.
Their bubble baths are very gentle and were made because of people like Lallie, who can't tolerate bubble baths.

So, after hearing all of this, I made Ashleigh drive back to the mall so I could buy more (and then found out that they just opened a store in Palm Beach!  Yippee!)

Between Ashleigh and I, we bought:

Bath melts (me) - haven't tried yet but I'm told that I will be in love because they smell so good (really) and make your skin so soft!
Bubble bars (me) - lasts about three baths and whoa nelly, big time bubbles!  I mixed the bubbles with the bath bomb (shaped like a robot) and Lallie REFUSED to get out of her bath last night until the bubbles were gone.  Let me tell you, this took quite.a.while!
Massage bar (Ashleigh) - for cuticles, skin etc. (not a bath bar, people keep these at their office to use when on the phone etc.)
Lemony Flutter cuticle butter (me)- Because all my cuticles and rough areas (heels) desperately need this!  This tub will last forever and it's fantastic stuff.

Fair Trades foot lotion (Ashleigh) - she said her feet were still tingling (in a good way) the morning after using this stuff!
Tea Tree Water Facial Toner (Ashleigh) - she swears by this toner and refuses to use anything but.

Ashleigh also bought a Lettuce mask, but it has to be kept cold and therefore, is not on the website.  You can only buy in the stores.  She loves it and we were supposed to use it while we were up there (maybe 4-5 masks per tub), but we forgot.  I will be trying it out though.

So, if you don't LUSH, will you be LUSH-ing soon?

Happy Tuesday y'all!


  1. Woohoo! I turned the cosmetic queen onto something!! I'm so glad you love your new items :-). Enjoy!

  2. There is a Lush counter at the Macy's nearby. I always just walk by, but I think I will check it out next time. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Wow, so fun! No, I haven't tried these before, but I'm going to have to. I need something to add to a nice, relaxing bath. Thanks!

  4. Lush is the BEST EVER! I adore them and am completely addicted!

  5. We have a store not too far from us but I've never popped in for a peek ~ I am now!


  6. Hey Jenn - I have used their hair products before, they are amazing as well and very eco friendly as they don't use any plastic. I would suggest trying those out as well! I love Lush, though. I had forgotten about the product line and will have to look them up here in Denver. Thanks!

  7. SOLD! I'm going to Lush on Friday. I SO deserve it after the week I'm having ;) Thank you so much for reminding me of this amazing company ~ you seriously have inspired me :) :) :)

  8. I've never tried Lush by one of my friends swears by it. I'll have to pick up a little bath treat!