Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pink and Green Thursday

Preppy Pink Lilly Lover has invited me to join in on Pink and Green Thursday.  Now, I haven't had a whole lot of time to research a great pink and green theme since the invite, so I'll stick with what I know.  Jewelry!!!

Everyone knows how much I love jewelry.  This is a recent obsession of mine (since blogging, much to Husband's dismay) and I've really come out of my shell and started wearing bolder pieces.

A few on my wish list:

Kate Puck's Seabrook Necklace in Tulip Pink.  You can find all her jewelry at  I would LOVE to have this necklace, by far my favorite necklace I've seen this season.  Dainty, yet bold and perfect for that summer pink and green Lilly Petra Dress (or any other Lilly for that matter)!  I would wear this necklace every day (actually, I'd switch it up with my wedding gift necklace from Husband).  At $75.00, it's a real steal.

How about Angela Moore?  I love her designs.  Maybe the Perfect Poppies necklace and bracelet with the Angela Moore Carly dress?  (I must insert here that my favorite AM dress is actually the pink and turquoise Bermuda Bay Carly dress, but this is Pink and Green Thursday :-)

Lastly, Loren Hope Designs.  Her jewelry designs are very unique and again, perfect for the summer Lilly outfits.  Two of my favorites (which are actually coral) are the Harper Bib Necklace and Harper EarringsI love all the intricate beadwork in all of her designs

I will be posting about Stella & Dot next week because I'm hosting a trunk show next week!  I hope lots of people buy so I can some for free!  :-)
I hope you enjoyed the SLPS Pink and Green Thursday!  Happy Thursday y'all!


  1. O wow! I love every item on this post!

  2. Oooohhh love those harper earrings and that bib necklace... stunning!

  3. What a great pink and green post! Do you think the Lilly maxi would work for a small wedding this summer? Love it! :)

  4. Goodness what great choices! Love both those dresses and all the jewelry. Makes me want to get dressed up for a Summer cocktail party!

  5. I love Pink & Green Thursday and this post was so fun to read and look at! I love how you posted outfits to go with the jewelry. My favorite pieces would have to be the Harper Bib Necklace and Harper Earrings. Coral is such a fantastic color for summer.

  6. What pretty pink and green items! I love that long maxi dress. Very cute!

  7. Great pink and green goodies! I have two of the Angela Moore dresses. They are the most comfortable dresses ~ you can dress them up or down.


  8. Hi Jennifer! Thank you oh so much for playing along for Pink & Green Thursday! And PLEASE don't think at all that your post wasn't great, it is amazing! You are so great at accessorizing, I am in love with how you styled each of these outfits! I could really learn a lot from you, I've never been into a lot of jewelry, I mean, I LOVE IT, but my mom was always a diamond stud/pearl person so that's how I grew up. I love the way you complemented each look with such a unique piece! I have to say that the Angela Moore combo is my fave! I didn't know you were into Stella and Dot! I am so psyched you are hosting a show because I definitely have a few goodies on my wish list!

    Hope you enjoyed Pink & Green Thursday, this was so much fun coming over to visit your cheerful post! xoxox Hugs to Lallie!

  9. LOVE the coral neckalce, so pret! Have a great week!
    Heather @