Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Almost 3 year old

What is my little Lallie up to these days?
(I think that's a sticker on her head).

1.  She's taking swim lessons all this week.  So far, she can swim 5- 6 feet by herself, knows to go to the wall and can take a breath while swimming.

2. Daddys said to her the other "Is that neat or what?"  Lallie responded "what," as if neat and what were options.

3.  At a friends house for dinner, a 2.5 year old boy through his cup and was taken to his room for time out.  Lallie said under her breath "uh oh, he's gonna get it."

4.  Lallie is learning how to cut paper with scissors and doing very well (even though she's right-handed and cuts with her left).

5.  Lallie's current favorite color is yellow and her current favorite book is "Princess Bess Gets Dressed."

6.  She yells at the dog telling him to quit drinking out of the toilet "No dog, out, toilet not for dogs!"  Then she flushes the toilet and puts the seat down while giving him the steely eye.  It's hilarious.  She still hasn't figured out his name, and when is asked, she says Duke, which is actully our neighbor's dog.

7.  We are practicing chewing with our mouth closed.  It is the funniest looking thing I've ever seen (well, not ever, but it's pretty cute).  I'll have to get a video.

8.  She loves to go fwimming and usually insists on wearing her green babysuit.

9.  Favorite song is "Old MacDonald" and some song about a rubber duck that she sings at school.  She gets very frustrated when I don't sing it right (note to self, learn rubber duck song).

10.  She has become a cheerleader.  She has pom-poms and recently took interest in them. She loves to spell her name out loud.

What special things are your little ones doing right now?

Happy Thursday y'all? (It is Thursday, right?  Note to self, check what day it is).


  1. LOVE this post! What a darling!
    My little boy turned 2 in March. It is so cute the things he says! When he gets mad at me (normally when I tell him no) he says "No, Mommy, bye bye Mommy". He does the same with our Nanny named Cricket. "No, Miss Cricket, bye bye Miss Cricket". So funny. He calls the swimming pool the Sweeney Pool, which more often than not sounds like the weenie pool!

  2. So so sweet! W has those pajamas too, but she can't wear them anymore as she's still in diapers and "goes digging" if she's not in zip-up footed pjs. Kind of sad because there are so many two-piece pjs to choose from out there. Hoping to get her potty trained soon. :)

  3. She is just adorable! That's great she can swim that far by herself! She'll be a little fish in no time!

  4. LOVING this post!! She is so precious! And yay for her being able to swim so well - that rocks!!

    And seriously, I have had my days screwed up for weeks. This week I thought Tuesday was Thursday... that's never a good thing!

  5. OOOHH!! Baby fever overload! I can't wait to count myself in the number of you fabulously gorgeous mommies...please pray we can make amove this year, would you? xo

    BTW Miss Lallie is turning into such a beautiful little toddler lady, so fun to read her updates as a little miss in training!

    Have a wonderful weekend, and please think about joining in next week for Pink & Green Thursday - you're a natural! xxo