Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Etsy Shop - Dress and Party Bag Additions

There are new items up on the Southern Living: Preppy Style Designs Etsy shop!

Hurry and check them out!  Click HERE!

There are Party Bags!  At 5" x 8", these are reversible and can be custom made to fit your size, your colors and can even have appliques!  Comes with a spool of ribbon to coordinate.  Comes in sets of twelve.  Don't see what you want, no worries!  Click "Contact Seller" to discuss your wishes.

Whale Dresses for your toddler (I can custom make if you don't see your size, just click on "Contact Seller" to start a dialogue).

Fourth of July is on its way!  Don't forget your Little Princess' party dress!

An SLPS, this dress is fresh and airy with a one should tie.  Who said the one shoulder tie was only for us adult ladies? 

Please, please, please tell your friends about my shop!  I love making dresses and such!

Happy Wednesday y'all!


  1. Adorable! I added the bags to my faves :O)
    I sent you a message on etsy too!

  2. so cute girly - both the bags and the dresses! and Lallie is SO. CUTE! Her hair is just adorable in those photos below!

  3. Really cute stuff! Hope you are doing well.