Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I can't believe the last blog entry I posted was on December 8th!  We've been busy with finalizing work details, finalizing fundraiser plans before year end, attending holiday recitals and parties, spending time with friends......and that was all before we headed out of town for a long vacation with both our families!

But, we're getting back on track, preparing for the new year. 
PS - if you're expecting a Christmas card from're not going to get one.  We are going to do a New Year's card this year (I sense this being a new tradition maybe?)

So, what have we been up to?
Baking Christmas cookies with daddy back home in frigid South Florida.

Visited my best friend from high school, Laura, and her daughter and husband.
 Visited Auntsleigh and her boyfriend in Louisville.  (Rock on!)

Enjoying the beautiful snow on the farm in Eastern Kentucky.
Keeping this next picture small as it's a horrible picture of me (another whole blog post as to why this will be the only time you get a profile picture out of me)!  Notice the surprise on my face (and my father in-laws laughter) as I'm surprised with a brand new, gorgeous (and large, I might add) strand of pearls!!  I was/am so excited!!  Love them.

I then proceeded to take my Husband for everything else he's got with the cowgirl present Aunt Jess got Lallie.
Grandaddy and Lallie going to feed the cows.
 Lallie's snowman.
Husband and Brother-in-law, Patrick and their snowman!
Lallie the snow bunny!
 We were also with my parents, but only for a couple days as we had just spent a week with them in Apalachicola for Thanksgiving.  So, I didn't get many pictures there unfortunately.

Also, as one of the highlights of Christmas, I was asked to be a bridesmaid in Patrick and Jess' wedding in May!  Husband as best man, Lallie as one of the flower girls, me as bridesmaid.  The entire immediate family on both sides will be taking part, so it will be a very special occasion!

I am SO looking forward to playing blog catch up and finding out what all of YOU did this December!  I'll be commenting!  

Happy New Year Y'all!!


  1. That snow bunny picture is about the cutest thing I have ever seen! It will be immediately transferred to the new digital picture frame Matt gave me :-). I'm so glad you guys got to stop by. I wish you could've stayed longer. I love you!

    Rock on Sherlock!

  2. Looks like a wonderful holiday!! Can you believe all the snow? A white Christmas in Kentucky is very rare indeed!


  3. Love the photos.
    I hate profile pictures of myself, after having had my nose broken twice, it is not very pretty.
    I received pearls too. Very excited about that.
    We are enjoying the snow as well, although late, but still enjoying it.

  4. That's some snow. So jealous y'all go to enjoy a while Christmas! It's just beautiful! Lallie is adorable...and how cute are you playing with her cowgirl gear! Too funny! Hubs did good with the pearls! Lucky lady!