Tuesday, January 24, 2012


 What a weekend!  I feel like we've been moving into a new house!  We're having the main room of our house painted today.  It's two stories and has lots of twists and turns and it's just too high for Husband and I to do ourselves (plus, we REALLY dislike painting).  So it's being painted by professional contractors.  They are also painting the entire exterior or the house so I'm super excited about our new paint job!

However, that meant that the weekend was filled with chaos as we moved furniture out of the room and into our formal living room and dining room (which is now so cluttered, it's driving us nuts!).  We removed all the window treatments and drapes, took down all the pictures and removed area rugs and decor.  It was a big job!  Husband then patched and drywalled all the holes and applied Kilz where necessary.  We don't like painting but Husband loves to do drywall himself, because then it's done the way he likes and is to his personal liking.  After all, once it's painted over, it's hard to fix the flaws if not done right the first time.  I agree and am glad he found the time to do the work! 

So, for the next two days, we are operating in a chaotic house and our main room, which is large, sounds like an echoing cave!  It's pretty loud in there, especially when Mr. Dog barks!

And speaking of Mr. Dog, he's losing his eyesight.  *tear*  Now, y'all know I've never been much of a dog person, but U.K. is a member of the family and he is loved!  In the past couple of weeks, some things have been strange with him.  He barks at us when we're near the door, running to herd us outside of the house.  Once he gets close and sees and smells us, he acts embarrassed, like he mistook us for a stranger.  The other day, Husband said a bunny rabbit hopped right past his nose and he didn't even see it!  If there is a piece of food on the floor, he completely misses it.  Yes, he's becoming Old Dog.  Other than that, he's in great health.  He's still sprite and plays with his toys and that tail of his never stops wagging!  So that is wonderful news and we're happy he's still with us.

That's all on the home front today!  Hope y'all are having a great week!

Happy Tuesday Y'all!


  1. Can't wait to see what color you painted the house. We are hoping to get the exterior painted this fall. I already have colors picked out and am hoping I can talk K into dark pink door.

  2. We hired professional painters when we painted our place too.
    Looks better and just easier! Worth every $$

  3. Nothing like a new paint job. Just freshens everything up!

    Glad to hear the pooch is okay. I am a dog person, so just reading this tugs at my heartstrings. They really do become such an important part of the family. :)

  4. I just noticed your Romney icon. I love him too! :)

  5. Wonderful about the new paint job but not the living in chaos. I hate to hear that about your pup. I know that must be hard I am not sure I will handle it well when that starts to happen with Belle.