Monday, March 5, 2012

Mommy & Lallie In Lilly!

Each season, I post a spread of my favorite new Lilly's and I canNOT wait to add some of these to my (and Lallie's) closet!  This season, I'm going to break the clothes up into, play, Easter and Lallie!



I LOVE the Julianna Dress!  Living in South Florida, I'm able to get away with wearing lots of color to the office however, I still need to look professional.  This dress I can wear with or without a jacket or cardigan and since it's sleeveless, I can pull off the cardigan and still look professional on those hot days.  Also a great day-to-night dress for a cocktail party or church. 

Millie Jacket.  Everyone needs a jacket for work or play!

The Sally dress has the same description as the Julianna dress.  I even LOVE the shoes and the bright pop of color in the necklace (though, knowing me, I'll stick to my pearls, as usual!)

For work (with a cardigan) or play, the Trophy Polo looks so comfy.  Perfect for a casual office Friday.

Same for the Allison top!  I can see this with a white pencil skirt and a pair of nude pumps.  Maybe a pink cardigan and a perfect summer, professional look (again, for South Florida anyways).  I'd love to see Lilly's take on a pencil skirt, wouldn't you?



Yes, please.  I'll take this dress in each print!  I adore the Carolyn dress.  What a great weekend dress that you can just throw on and look great in while being comfortable.  Not much thought needed at all!

This has to be my favorite dress of the season.  The Adeline dress.  I love the ruffles and shirt dress type feel.  The Sabine dress is my favorite and I have it in multiple prints.  This dress reminds me of the Sabine, just sleeveless with ruffles for the summer!



I am in love with the Adelia dress.  What a subtle, gorgeous print!  I would were this for Easter service and then recycle it as a work dress.  Very flattering fit as well.

And what about the matching Florabelle Party dress for Lallie?  How cute!


Lallie in Lilly!

Mini Callahan shorts for Lallie?  Yay!  Now Lallie can be the ultimate Mini-Me!  I mean, she already is, but add on her little Stella and Dot pearl necklace and she will certainly be her mother's daughter!  :-)

The Sand Bar Bikini.  How fitting considering we are always on the boat visiting our local sand bar!  Now she can have a bathing suit named after it too!

It's a little hot now for this tee, but if I had seen it sooner, I would have bought the Kat Tee for Lallie.  I have this print in the Ciara tunic and Lallie would have loved to have a matching top!


Of course, there are always my favorite staples....the Callahan shorts, the Worth jeans (in all kinds of colors!), the Cassie tops and the Rebecca sweaters.  But I had to trim this post somewhere! 

Happy Monday Y'all!


  1. Lilly has some great dresses this spring. I have a wedding to go to and can't decide which dress I want to get for it.

  2. I love all of Lilly's line this spring! I'm obsessed with the Julianna dress, too!

  3. Everything is so pretty! I love the clutch with the Julianna dress!