Friday, September 14, 2012

End of Summer Travels and a Totaled Car

I know it's well into September, but I have yet to completely update you on our end of the summer fun!

After Disney World, we took a trip up to Apalachicola to visit my parents.  Apalachicola is such a relaxing and quiet environment and we just love visiting there.  It was fun to see my parents new house too.  They have been renovating it over the past year and it's looking really fantastic!

Oyster capital of the world!  Yummm!!!!  We love Papa Joe's Oysters!

Back home, we visited the children's museum a few times over the summer.  The museum is one of Lallie's favorite places and I'm proud to be a board member for this reason.
Dr. Lallie, at your service!  Squirrels need tender loving care too!  

Daddy and Lallie also had a Daddy-Lallie day while I was at a Junior League retreat.  They went to a ceramics shop and rode in daddy's fancy sports car (yes, that does freak me out a bit I must say!)  Lallie LOVES daddy's sports car and it's a special day when she gets to ride in it.

Lallie never leaves home without her pearls.  "Like Mother, Like Daughter" she always says.

Of course, we attended church whenever we were in town.  Lallie always sits with her friends, whether it be with Husband and I or with the other parents.  They are such good little headband-club, church-goers!
 And last but not least.  Lovely Issac, oh wonderful Issac.  

My wonderful, most favorite car ever (outside of my '98 Jetta...fond memories) became stranded in 18" of water in my neighborhood during Tropical Storm Issac.  

I didn't think I could make it through so called Husband.  He thought I could get through, especially since other sedans had traveled through successfully.  Neither one of us had any clue that BMW's suck up air from underneath the car rather than the top like other cars.  So I just stopped, 1/4 mile from my house, in torrential rains, 65 mph winds and lightening.  The water was above my doors, so we couldn't get out without flooding the cars and we weren't about to walk home in that weather (the whole neighborhood was flooded and it was very windy with tons of lightening and rain.  The car was shaking!).  So we waited for Daddy to come tow us out with the Suburban.

This is my car, with Lallie and I inside.

Why was I out in this weather?  Well.....that morning, everything was fine.  All schools were in session and everyone went on with business as usual, being told that the weather was well on it's way out of the area.  By 10 am, we were in full force Tropical Storm winds and rains.  One forgets how strong these storms are until we experience them again.  Wind gusts at 65 mph is one thing.  But sustained....they can be downright scary.

So it was a mad dash to the schools to pick up children, the buses were traveling in flooded waters trying to get kids home.  Tornado warnings were all throughout the area.  It was an absolute mess!
Anyways, it took two days for the tow company to pick up my car and by then, it was a goner with water sitting in the engine.  So, bye-bye beautiful BMW....hello new car!  :-)  They only downside, I really loved my car and was hoping to keep it for quite a bit longer and not have a car payment.  We are finalizing our car shopping this weekend, so I'll let you know what I get!

Last but not least....our trip to week.  (And I promise to keep things a little more up to date.  Have I said that before?)

Happy Friday Y'all!