Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day Pampering By My 5 Year Old =)

This morning started out wonderfully!  My sweet kindergartner (soon to be first grader...ACK!) pampered me with a manicure, pedicure, massage, picture frame making, glamour shot and reading!  It was a wonderful morning, putting large smiles on both of our faces.  We are both certainly blessed to have each other!  

First a foot rub with silky soft lotion.
Next, sparkly and clear nail polish.
I love  my toes and promised to keep them sparkly all weekend!  
Next, a back massage, head massage and shoulder massage.  I also received my Mother's Day gift; a card sharing Lallie's favorite things about me (quite enlightening that she thinks broccoli is my favorite snack, that I'm pretty as a diamond and that I'm 25 years old!!) along with a jar of homemade lemon sugar scrub.  We can't wait to try it out tonight.  =)
Next, a hand massage (with LOTS of lotion!!)
And of course, sparkly and then clear nail polish.  
The finished product.

We also read the book I'll Love You Forever (which nearly had me crying right there in the classroom) and then we found a nice little private spot in the quiet corner and enjoyed some more reading together.

It was a wonderful morning, more wonderful memories to store for decades to come. =)

Happy Mother's Day Y'all!