Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Marley Lilly GIVEAWAY!

I recently ran across a preppy and lovely shop called Marley Lilly.  I just adore her items, especially her latest, the monogrammed Derby hat and the monogrammed Croakies sunglass straps (since the other word is copyrighted). 

College Prep suggested I ask if they have mini hats so I can get one for Lallie!  Now wouldn’t that be adorable, Lallie and I laying on our rafts in the pool in our matching Lilly bathing suits and monogrammed Derby hats?  Well, I think we’d look awfully cute, and pool time should be coming around very soon!


What about the Croakies sunglass straps?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen
monogrammed ones, so what an ingenious idea!  You can have them monogrammed with your initials OR sororities…think about rush next year, wouldn’t these be cute with letters for your new pledges?  And for us older folks young at heart, I just love them for a day out on the boat fishing, or beaching, or cruising…or whenever. 

I LOVE the scarfs….of course, I would choose pink and green, but I think that a certain someone might be receiving a certain orange and purple one for Christmas next year (I would say birthday, but it’s a summer birthday!)

Other items I love are the monogrammed rings and coozies.  I love anything with a monogram!

Of course, it must be said….. please take note of how many monograms you have on your body at one time!  Over monogramming  yourself is not always a good thing!
So, on to the giveaway part.  Marley Lilly is graciously giving away one pair of monogrammed sunglass straps to one of my loyal readers!!  You get to choose the colors and embroidery font and she’ll ship them right to you!  How fun!!

Here are the entry rules:

1.  You must be a follower of Southern Living: Preppy Style – 1 entry

2.  Go to Marley Lilly’s website and tell me your favorite
Marley Lilly item – 1 entry

3.  Become a fan of Marley Lilly on facebook – 1 entry

4.  Follow Marley Lilly on twitter AND tweet about this giveaway coping
@SLPreppy (so I know you really tweeted) – 2 entries

5. Post about this giveaway on your sidebar – 2 entries.

Leave ONE comment naming what you did and how many entries you are to receive!

This giveaway ends Tuesday, February 8th at 5:00 pm!

Happy Wednesday Y’all!


  1. Hi, thank you so much for hosting!
    I am a follower of your blog and Marley Lilly on facebook, and my favorite item has to be the pool chair cover in terry cloth! (Love the aqua with hot pink monogram)
    So, I believe that is a total of 3 entries!

    Thanks again,

  2. That hat is to die for!!!

    I'd love to enter but I am not sure what language this is in:)

  3. I am a follower! I love the lounge chair towels. I am a fan of ML on fb. I am posting this giveaway.
    5 entries please! Thank you for hosting this giveaway! :)

  4. Ok, this is weird. When I first came on, the pictures were there but all the writing/info was U's.....rows and rows of U's!

    Either I am delirious or blogger was having a little issue:)

    Nonetheless, on to business!

    1. I follow your blog:)
    2. I'd love to have the lounge cover/bag
    3 .I follow ML on FB
    4. I follow ML on twitter and tweeted
    5. Giveaway is on my sidebar

  5. I would love anything really, but the ring, market basket, or scarf are among my favs!

    Thanks for this super giveaway!

  6. 1)I'm a follower :)
    2) LOVE LOVE LOVE the hat!
    3)i follow ML on FB
    4) i follow on twitter
    5) giveaway is on my sidebar :)

  7. 1. I'm a follower
    2. I love the Derby hat and the solo cup koozie!
    3. I'm a fan of Marley Lilly on FB!

    This is such a great giveaway!

  8. I like the Large Market basket in the pink and green damask.

  9. So cute!! I follow you!! I'm a fan of ML on Fb!!! My favorite item is the monogrammed derby hat!!!

  10. 1. I'm a follower
    2. I spotted the scarf on the site the other day and would love to have it.
    3. I'm following ML on FB

  11. How fun! I would love to enter.
    1. I'm a follower.
    2. I love the monogrammed coozies, the non-wine ones.

  12. Just so everyone knows, I'M THE "CERTAIN SOMEONE"!!!!!!!
    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

    And I love the scarf!

    Rock on!

  13. I love the cuffs!


  14. I am a follower
    I get one entry

  15. Hi, what cute stuff!
    I am a follower of your blog and Marley Lilly on facebook, and my favorite item has to be the derby hat in the pink and green. LOVE IT!
    Thats a total of 3 entries.

    Thanks for such a great giveway!


  16. I just started following this blog the other day, and a giveaway already?! I've always been a fan of Marley Lilly- those scarves are my favorite! I'm a fan on facebook too :)

    so 3 entries!
    prep love - Rachel

  17. 1. I'm a new follower of your blog!
    2. My favorite ML item is the monogrammed scarves, I have a pink with green monogram one!
    3. I like Marley Lilly on FB
    4. I follow ML on twitter and tweeted about the giveaway @ashlauren85

    Such a fun giveaway!!!

  18. I am now a follower AND a friend of Marley Lilly! Such great stuff!

  19. I follow Southern Living Preppy Style! I love it! I'm out here in California and no one understands me!

  20. I love the pink floppy hat on Marley Lilly!

  21. Oops...sorry I didn't follow the directions!
    1. Follower of SLPS blog!
    2. Friend and Like-er of Marley Lilly on FB
    3. Would LOVE the Pink floppy hat!

  22. I am a follower! I loveee the floppy hat!

  23. I'm a Marley Lilly twitter follower, and I LOVE the floppy derby hats. Adorable!

  24. I'm so excited about this giveaway I found Marley Lilly through a facebook ad a couple days ago and LOVE it! I'm planning on ordering the silver ring this week the monogrammed ring to the right of your picture so I guess that's my favorite item! And the sunglasses straps are adorable.
    1.) I am a fan on facebook
    2.) I followed on twitter (vbmoorman)
    3.) Favorite Item
    4.) I'm a blog follower!

  25. Three entries for me! 1. Follower of your cute blog 2. Follower of Marley Lilly 3. My favorite items is the monogrammed hat in the photo.

    I just ordered the hat for myself - as shown in pink and green! Thanks for sharing!


  26. 4 Entries for Me!

    ♥Follower of your Darling blog!
    ♥Favorite item on ML website is
    Black/White Dot XL Everything Tote!
    ♥Fan on FB!
    ♥Giveaway on my sidebar!

    I really "Need" this Tote!!

  27. 1 - I am a follower

    2 - My favorite item is the Derby Hat.

    3 - I am a fan of Marley Lilly on Facebook

    4 - Follow Marley Lilly on Twitter and tweeted @DKPA Loving this giveaway with @MarleyLilly!


  28. 3 entries
    1. I am a follower on your blog.
    2. I am a facebook fan of Marley Lilly.
    3. My favorite thing on her website is the monogrammed floppy hat. I like the new solid ones.

  29. 1. I'm a follower

    2. I love the monogrammed scarves!

  30. 1. Im a follower
    2.I love the monogrammed rings
    3. i am a fan facebook for Marley Lilly

  31. I'm in love with the hat and i'm sooooo not a hat person but will be soon!

    1. I'm now a new follower...glad I found ya
    2. I don't know if I could just pick one thing probably the ring or scarf (the camel color looks so rich)
    3. I've sent a friend request through fb
    4. I'm following on twitter and tweeted!
    5. I've posted this giveaway on my sidebar
    I think that should be 7 entries for me

    Thanks and have a great week!

  32. I love the derby hat! I think my favorite thing either the hats, or the monogrammed scarfs.

    I follow you, and I added them on facebook. :)

  33. 3 entries
    I am now a follower! What a great blog!
    :) I would love ANY of the scarves, the derby hats or the monogrammed ring!
    :) I am following ML on FB

    :) Thanx for the giveaway!

  34. YAY for Marley Lilly giveaway!
    * I follow your blog
    *My favorite ML item is the rope monogrammed ring
    *I am a ML fan on FB
    *I just tweeted you...follow me @S_Sophisticate

    Happy Tuesday!

  35. I am a follower! This looks like a fantastic giveaway - what a cute store!