Thursday, June 14, 2012


Honestly, I just haven't had much of anything to say or talk about the past few days.  

Okay, honestly I haven't even been on blogger since Friday of last week so I have some serious reading to catch up on this weekend.

In the meantime, Husband and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary tomorrow.  It will also be our 11th year living in Florida.  Not sure why, but this anniversary is much more surreal than any of the others we've had in the past.  I mean ten years!  It feels so short yet so long.  We've accomplished so many things as a team and it seems like we've come quite far over the decade.  Yet, at the same time it feels like just yesterday that we met and college seems not too far in the past.  
It feels that we've accomplished way more than we should have in ten years.....that the things we've done should have taken longer to achieve.  I know that sounds very vague to the readers who don't know me personally, but it's true.  It's also got me thinking that I want to the next ten years even better than the last.  I guess that's where the saying "It only gets better from here" originates!

Anyways, we're heading out to dinner tomorrow night.  It is South Florida so we're pretty casual around here but I do want to dress up a little.  I've been loving the romper look lately but I'm shorter, so long pants rompers don't work for me

I ran across this little number at Forever 21.  Wouldn't this look casual yet classy for an anniversary dinner with some turquoise jewelry and black wedges?   For $15.50, I might just have to run down there to pick it up!  :-)

Happy Thursday Y'all! 


  1. I love it! Looks very similar to the outfit I work to my rehearsal. Although no one would know that because it was so cold, I had to keep it covered up. :-(

    Happy 10 years (early)! I can't believe your wedding was 10 years ago. Seems like just yesterday we were paining our toes in our hotel room :-). I love you both!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I am certain you will look smashing. Summer so far has been fantastic, I have finished up 3 major Lilly-fied projects for my classroom. My rocking chair facelift turned out incredible! A Lilly gator and flowers on the back! Swoon! I am headed to the beach in a few days! Ahhhh, over a month of entertaining family and friends! I.cant.wait! Started packing yesterday...I don't think my Lilly garment bag can hold more than 13 shifts...have to leave some hiss!

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

  3. Happy anniversary! I love that romper--it would look fab with turquoise jewelry and wedges!

  4. LOVE the romper!!

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  5. Good luck with finding that romper. I always find so many cute things on Forever 21's website but the store is so big, I almost never find what I picked out. =(

  6. Happy Anniversary!! I am sure whatever you wear will be awesome. You always look great!! :) Have a fun time.

  7. Happy anniversary! I hope you and hubby enjoy your celebration. And I think that you would be crazy, for that price, NOT to buy that romper...even if you don`t wear it tomorrow (which you totally you should)!

  8. Happy Happy Anniversary!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend together. Bryan and I celebrated 5 years of being together over the weekend. It's crazy how time flies when you're having fun. Oh the things we've learned and how far we have come! XO