Friday, June 22, 2012

Keys Trip Update: So Sad

As Husband put it this morning on facebook:

Hotel booked - check.
Boat ready - check.
Bait and rigging - check.
70% chance of tropical cyclone Debbie forming over the Keys - check.

Anyone know how to un-check that last one?
Hoping that things really do turn around in the next 24 hours but one thing is for sure.....I refuse to pay a small fortune to spend an entire week sitting inside in a confined area in the Florida Keys with a four year old while it rains and pours outside when I can do that for free at home (sorry for the long-winded statement.  Phew!)

So, we have until tomorrow morning to un-check the first box and bail out (for a mild fee).  Until then, we're hoping that things really do make a turn for the better and this thing becomes even more disorganized (for everyone's sake...not just our sake).  

Upside:  At least Husband and I have flexible enough jobs that we can reschedule our vacation for anytime so we're looking at something in the middle of July. 

So I'll close with this thought:  On behalf of all Gulf Coast residents and vacationers - While we love your name (Debbie...who doesn't love a Debbie?) and can certainly appreciate your brute force and weather-iffic powers.... we kindly ask you to leave and dissipate sooner than later (and preferably before tomorrow morning for my own selfish reasons).  Please and thank you.

Happy (and hopeful) Friday Y'all!


  1. So sorry to hear of your unfortunate weather issues. Hope it clears up and you guys can still go!

  2. o no I'm so sorry! I hope it passes by soon so you can enjoy your vacation!

  3. I just read Wednesdays post last night, and I planned on logging on this morning to wish you a FANTASTIC time. But then, I logged on this morning and saw this. Major bummer! I hope the weather clears up!!!! For you, and for me! My cousins are down from TN to visit us (and the beach!) and the Boy is over in the Bahamas on a fishing trip :-/ Stupid South Florida and it's unpredictable weather. Gotta love it!

  4. Bummer! We saw it this morning and thanked God our cruise was last week!

  5. This really sucks, so sorry to hear. At least you are able to change your vacation time!

  6. I hope it clears up! That would so suck

  7. oh no! The weather is not so nice right now! Hoping it clears up soon for yall or at least starts moving- they said on the news today it's just kinda sitting still! We are heading to Boca Grande this weekend and I'm praying it goes away by then- and even sooner for yall too!

  8. BOO! That sucks! Here's to hoping it clears up soon and you can still make it down there.