Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Visit to the American Girl Store

Last Monday, Lallie and I headed down to South Miami to the American Girl store for a good friend's birthday party.  We traveled with our friends Kristie and Emily and Kristie and I could hardly have an adult conversation due to the shrills of thrill coming from the backseat.  Emily and Lallie were just SO excited! 
The girls ready for a party!
Just arrived, SO excited!
Up and and away head Caroline and her friend, Casey.
Riding the balloon like Saige (the American Girl of the year).
So many awesome accessories!
Lallie and the birthday girl!
Caroline changed into her new party dress for the luncheon.
Purchases in tow!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!


  1. Were the girls and dolls originally dressed the same??? Because if they were, that's adorable! Glad to see a post from you...miss you lady!

    1. Yes! I forgot to mention that! Lallie's Godmother, Ashleigh, purchased her the dress and matching doll dress for Christmas. Aren't they adorable. Emily was wearing a Dollie and Me outfit Funny story, her mom greatly disliked the outfit but Emily insisted on wearing it! I personally thought he looked adorable....both of them!) The birthday girl was wearing an American Girl matching set. They were all SO cute!

  2. So cute! I'm so glad she likes the dresses. I can't wait to see her (and you) in a few weeks!

  3. So cute I love these pictures looks like a blast my girls love American girl dolls but the closest store is 6 1/2 hrs away Wish there was one closer

  4. Oh how I miss American Girl doll days!! Enjoy every little bit!!

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madmae Spoiled

  5. Oh, enjoy these moments. They pass all too quickly!