Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lallie pictures, bananna bread and Craig's List finds

We've just been relaxing and hanging out this January.  We traveled to north Florida in early January and other than that, we've just been hanging around, visiting with friends and relaxing around the house.
Lallie, of course, has been playing with my iphone and ipad.  The picturest I find after the fact always give me a chuckle.   
Husband and Lallie have been making bananna bread.....a lot.  Lallie loves making it but she she doesn't like eating it because it feels like she's eating slugs.  I guess the banannas are a little slimey to her.  I love how children look at the world and describe things.
Husband and I have also been back to finding Craigs's List furniture.  We have been so lucky in the past so in an effort to continue furnishing, we started looking around.  Here's a couple of our latest finds.
Ethan Allen chairs (from the '90s when furniture was still made well).  The fabric is a little faded and I have made absolutely no secrets about how much I despise the yellow and blue with bees.  I'm not a bee fan and I'm not a French Country decor fan either.  Husband loves them but the condition was we would get them recovered.   They are in excellent shape and were never actually used.  They were just decor in a large home.
Two chairs - $400!!  These sosell for between $1,800 and $2,000 now.
We also picked up this Bassett armoire which matches our Thomasville bedroom set absolutely perfect!  The knobs are even the same (same manufacture/maker??)
Anyways, we picked this up down in Fort Lauderdale and the hutch nearly broke Husband and his friend's backs.  It was unbelievably heavy (from what I'm told).
Brand new, never been used, some of the hardware not even installed....
$250!!  This is a $2,000 piece.  SCORE!
(horrible picture!)
That's all for now!
Happy Thursday Y'all!


  1. Yes, Thomasville and Bassett are owned by the same man. One of my friends use to work for Bassett. I just bought some leather couches from Thomasville that were regularly $7500 together, for $2300. Shoparoonie (sp?)!!!

  2. I love the shape of those chairs! I'm not really a fan of bee prints either, but those will look fab recovered!