Friday, February 1, 2013

Spy It, Buy It! - Lilly Pulitzer and Target

Now, y'all know I LOVE Lilly Pulitzer (I mean really love), but it's not always (ever) conducive to spending the big bucks on the outfits.  I usually wait for the annual sales, Rue La La and my local Dillard's always has great sales (which I'm sure this exact dress will be on sale for $59 in a year).  
Until then, I tend to Spy It, Buy It.  

Friend: "Is that a Lilly Pulitzer dress?"  
Me: "Do YOU think it is?"

I love the Lilly Pulitzer Marta Dress, but it's a whopping $398!  I think I'd rather go find another piece of furniture off Craig's List for my house for that price!!  Ha! 
It's a classic style, lacey and frilly and just plain fun.  And who doesn't love navy!  

At Target, there is a similar dress for $24.99 in the Juniors section by Xhilaration.  It's not a pretty however, it has the same feel and style and is a bit more casual.  I've tried it on in the green and it's actually quite cute.


We have lots of big plans for the weekend starting with dinner out with friends tonight.  Tomorrow we're hoping to get together with M & R and their kids and then Sunday, we're hitting up three Super Bowl parties (yes, three)....all while getting Lallie into bed by 7:30 for school on Monday.  We'll see how that pans out!  

Next week, I'm planning to get back to my Work OOTD posts as well.  Back to blogging after a very busy work and holiday season!  I'm looking forward to catching up on everyone else as well!

Have a great weekend everyone!  

Happy Friday Y'all!  


  1. Look at you, finding knockoff dresses! I love them both, but heck yes to the Target version!

  2. I saw that dress at Target and it is precious! I don't spend that much on dresses unless it's super special occasion. I buy one New Lilly dress per season and try to find more on sale. I do have my eye on a couple of patterns in the Spring line.

  3. I actually prefer the Target pattern! The Lilly one is pretty but I like that the Target one is a bit more casual

  4. That Tarjay knockoff is gorgeous!! If I weren't on a clothes spending freezing I would be running out now to buy it!