Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mint, Valentine's Mailbox and Work OOTD

Valentine's is nearby and Lallie has been working for DAYS on her mailbox.  Isn't it beautiful?  She's so creative and colorful.  :-)
It's just a cereal box covered in foil, stickers, glitter glue and ribbon.


While I'm sitting her drafting this post, my father-in-law has called me five times.  This is a near daily occurrence and it always puts a smile  on my face.  You see, I'm the only one stored in his phone's address book (which makes me feel special on its own) and he puts the phone in his pocket and then accidentally dials me several times a day.  I always answer the first one, to ensure all is okay.  

One day, while by myself, I yelled into the phone quite loudly and I think he nearly fainted as he was in a barn, by himself, with his daughter-in-law speaking to him.  Yeah, I'd be a little freaked out too.  That's when he first realized he'd been dialing me after all this time.  It still goes on to this day and I wouldn't have it any other way.  :-)


I am loving the mint color circulating around as of late.  I love the looks on J's Everyday Fashion on Monday.  I already have the perfect shirt to go with this look.

I love, love, love this maxi skirt and it looks so comfy!  Perfect for spring/summer (which is South Florida is right around the corner!)  And it's a deal at $22.50 from

My favorite new bauble from Bauble Bar!  Only $34!  
Mint Candy Apple by Essie.  A near perfect match to the necklace don't you think? 

Or stepping it up a notch in jewelry.....of how I love these beauties! Oh yes please!


Now on to my Work OOTD.  Of course it's not mint but I did promise, did I not?  Vineyard Vines dress, Old Navy flats (on sale), Angela Moore bracelets and my signature pearls.  :-)
(I've got to find a better place to take these pictures!  We have tons of lighting in our office and simple little Canon Powershot doesn't handle all this light very well).

Happy Thursday Y'all!


  1. I think Valentine's Day in elementary school was the best. Decorating a mailbox, the candy, all of that fun stuff :)

    Love your outfit. Cute dress! I love my Angela Moore nautical bracelets

  2. Love the Valentine's Day box - super stylish, like her Mama! And now I totally have mint on the brain...

  3. So in love with mint, I might need to order that maxi skirt-- so lovely and perfect for spring + summer! Your work look is adorable, just LOVE that striped dress! What a classic!
    xx, Emily

  4. Lallie's mailbox turned out cute. And I love the necklace.