Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kate Spade Flash Sale: What Would You Choose?

Have you checked out the Kate Spade online only flash sale (thanks for the tip Preppy Princess)?   Ends tonight at 11:59 pm so get shopping!  I always miss these things now since I cleaned out my email inbox from advertisements!
Here's what I would choose, money no object!

Normally $78, on sale for $35 - these are just fun!
Normally $428, on sale for $179 - I have always looked for a fun pink bag for the summer.  I just love this style and have my eye on it for a while.  It's so cute and fun! 
Normally $145, on sale for $59 - Not sure I could pull off this style but I sure wish I could!
Normally $350, on sale for $179 - Swoon!  What a lovely way to spice up a very classy shoe without going too over the top!  Love them!
Normally $398, on sale for $159 - I love a good shirt dress and love this dressier play on the style.
Normally $198, on sale for $65 - I love this necklace, again, just plain fun and so many ways to style it.  
Normally $398, on sale for $199 - My favorite boot is the Calista from Tory Burch, but these are up there on my list as well.  However, I never wear boots so I will just admire from afar (though this past week in South Florida has been quite chilly, so I probably could have sported a pair!)

Happy Wednesday Y'all!  


  1. Love to buy boots on sale this time of the year!

    Cute blog!

  2. If I hadn't read your blog I would have missed out on an adorable pair of floral Kate Spade earrings - $29 and perfect for spring. Thank you :)