Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Very Merry Un-Birthday..... our sweet H.G.!  

It was her 6 month birthday yesterday!  I could say the same thing everyone says: "Where did the time go?"  But I'll stick to the obvious; that our lives are so unbelievably blessed by both our girls.  Sure, there are really rough times (like at 4:00 am when H.G. just will not sleep and the times when Lolly whines incessantly) but when the morning comes and H.G. looks at me with those HUGE blue eyes with that big grin and at the times when both the girls are sitting and laughing and playing, I'm reminded of how truly blessed we are.  Lolly and H.G. have made our family complete.  

Okay, enough fluff.  Y'all know how I feel.  

I'm FINALLY getting the settings on our fancy-dancy camera set to the right positions to capture such sweet moments as this.  Husband actually said "good picture" last night without a "but."  That's HUGE when it comes to picture taking for me as he's kind of a whiz at photo capturing.

I made the little onesie on my embroidery machine.  WAY cheaper than buying the outfit on Etsy for $50+.  The bow was made by a friend and the tutu is MudPie from Zulily for around $8.  I have three more onesies in the pack that I purchased to make this one, so I have some other cute appliques up my sleeve.  :-)

Happy Wednesday Y'all!


  1. LOVE the outfit too cute! I have been looking into embroidery machines because I am obsessed with monogramming everything and think it would be easier to just do it myself. Any suggestions on machines, and is it super hard to figure out ect?

  2. Well I guess it was my half birthday yesterday too! If only I had a little outfit as cute as that! ;)

  3. Looks great! That is much fancier than I do on my machine! (which I think is the same as yours...) :)