Monday, April 7, 2014

Art Show, H.G. Milestones and Go Cats!

Good morning!  Well, there I was, all on a roll and keeping up with the blog and then spring break happened and illness happened.  Well, you know the story.  Anyways, we are back to our regular daily programming and therefore, back to blogging!  :-)

One quick happy.  I was driving through to McDonald's to get coffee this morning and while waiting, the nice young man (about 25 or so) started talking to me in this dialogue:

Him:  "Did you hear about our pizza?
Me:  (quite skeptically) "No."
Him:  "Ah, you didn't want to hear it anyways, it's too cheesy?"
Bada Dum (ricochet)

Him:  "What about the money?"
Me:  (now smiling).  "No."

Him:  "No, that's probably wouldn't make any cents."
Bada Dum (ricochet)

Him:  "By the way, you look nice today.  The blue and white for Kentucky?"
Me:  "You better believe it."
Him:  "Here's you coffee.  Go Cats!"

Now....what if we were always greeted with that kind of attitude?  I couldn't' stop smiling all morning.  That type of attitude is certainly infectious!


Moving on....

Lolly had her very first art show this past weekend.  I received a phone call from her art teacher earlier in the week wanting to place Lolly's work on display at a local art show.  Needless to say, Husband and I were both elated and somewhat befuddled!  Lolly has always enjoyed drawing and now that we think about it, she's been more into this creative art the past few weeks then ever before.  According to her art teacher, Lolly has a wonderful interest in this art form and would like to continue encouraging her down this road.  How exciting!

So Saturday night, I secured a babysitter for H.G. and the three of us attended her art show and then went out to dinner to celebrate, complete with a Shirley Temple and dessert.  Lolly was slightly sad at first as she greatly missed H.G.  Looking back, I think Lolly would have rather her been there to help celebrate.  I missed the boat on that one.  I thought for sure Lolly would enjoy some alone time with Mommy and Daddy.  I was wrong but we still had a great time out.

We made it home from the art show just in time for the big UK game against Wisconsin.  Clearly, Lolly didn't make it through the entire game.  In fact, she didn't even make it to game time!  Speaking of UK (and I'll quote Julius Randle) "Did you see that?"

BIG NEWS on the H.G. side of things.  She is now sitting independently!  Wow, a whole new world just opened up for her (and for mommy who can now walk away for longer than 30 seconds without a child in tears due to back-laying-boredom!)

Poor thing also had a cold over spring break and she just couldn't shake the cough.  It was keeping her up all night long and she was wheezing.  So I took her to the doctor.  Bless her little heart, she was having asthma type issues (just like Lolly had as a baby and I had all throughout my childhood) and she had a little fluid (though not infection) behind her ears.  We treated her all weekend and she is finally on the mend!  Yay!

I'm so proud of Lolly's writing.  She's really improved the past couple of months.  In fact, she's started keeping a little journal where she's been writing a lot of poetry (yes, poetry with rhymes, pentameter etc.)  Husband and I had been concerned she wasn't progressing in this skill as well as the other kids in her class, so she's been getting tutored twice a week.  She's doing great now!  We had to be kindly reminded that Lolly is one of the youngest by 9 months in all the first graders and while she is exactly where she needs to be, writing is a skill that tends to come with age as well as teaching.  There are a few other young students with whom I'm friends with their parents and they are having the same issue.  So we're not behind by any means.  She's ahead in her skills for math (actually, quite far ahead) and she's ahead in reading, so all is well on the first grade front!  Yes...we're helicopter parents and no, we'll never stop hovering.  Ask us how this is going when Lolly turns 16!

Anyways, I love this surprisingly accurate story.  And we particularly love that Clem has a blue tear due to being bit by the horses.  I do love that she spelled "there" - "thar."  I mean we are from "up thar in Kentucky!"  :-)

"gelis" means jealous.

And last but not least.  It's game day so I am dressed appropriately! Go CATS!!


  1. You look GREAT! Go Kentucky! I always root for the SEC! Love Lolly's pink dress and green sweater :) her art is GREAT!

  2. Both of your girls are too adorable for words! I can't believe how big H.G. is getting! Love Lolly's artwork and her story. I'm not at all into March Madness or basketball...but I am cheering for Kentucky!! They were the team I picked at the beginning of the tournament...that choice was maybe influenced by you =)

  3. :).

    Big hand for Lolly's talent, H.G.'s cute cheeks, and you rocking that dress!

  4. Awww hope the little one is all better! GREAT art Lolly! And mama, you are looking good!

  5. Sorry about the loss last night for the Cats! You are one fabulous mom, you juggle a lot and it is quite admirable! Lolly is absolutely adorable with her pearls and shift!

  6. That dress looks gorgeous on you!!!

    Congratulations to Lolly on the art show. Very impressive!

    Don't even get me started on handwriting. SO MUCH PRESSURE! H is only 4 and I'm glad is school doesn't force handwriting but then I worry he's behind already. I'm about 99% sure he is left handed so it has been tough trying to help him as right handed people! I've been working on his fine motor skills as much as I can because I've heard a good pencil/pen grip comes from strong fine motor skills