Friday, July 25, 2014

9 Months and some OOTDs

First some OOTDs.  It's Summer In Lilly!  I LOVE this print from the Jubilee collection.  I will never get rid of this dress or the pants.  So fun and cheerful.

 And I love this skirt.  Just a simple print and great for any season really.  Paired with some Angela Moore jewelry and my new favorite Essie color, Madison Ave-Hue.

Way number 4,387 to get Lolly to eat her dinner.  Eat half a marshmallow, stick the other half to Lolly's forehead and tell her she can eat it after she finishes her dinner.

9 Months on July 8th.  Time is flying.  Two nights ago....she started 9.5 months.  Goodness she's growing up too early and fast!  AND she's FINALLY sleeping through the night!  Our master is on the first floor on one side of the house and H.G.'s room is up the stairs on the other side.  So I've been sleeping in the guest bedroom since we moved her to her own room at around 8 weeks.  I finally moved back into the master on July 4th weekend and she's been sleeping until between 6:00 and 6:30.  KNOCK ON WOOD!!!

Sad to say that I was not great at getting pics of H.G. in her cute outfits this month.  I'll do better.  They say the second child has less pictures taken of them.  Sadly, this is very true.

First word.  "Dada."  We weren't entirely sure it was her first word as she was just saying it and not referencing Husband.  Until this day, where she stood at the glass door, pounding on it to get his attention, yelling "Dada".  So, Dada goes down as her official first word!  Yay!

At a friend's 40th birthday party with two of my besties.  LOVE these girls.  
(Wearing a Gretchen Scott dress.  I love this dress but goodness it's short so I make a point to NOT wear it if I have the kids and have to bend down.)

Lolly went to Apalachicola for a week to visit my mom and dad.  A WHOLE week.  Lolly has never been gone from us for more than 18 hours.  We took one overnight trip when she was about 3.5 years old for a football game, but was gone no more than 18 hours.  
Lolly LOVED the visit and didn't really want to come home except she missed H.G.  Husband and I were chopped liver as we actually had to ask her for a hug after not seeing her for a week.  

You saw the picture of how Lolly NEVER eats.  Well, this one I don't have to worry about.  She just shovels it all in!  She's pretty much eating only real food now and not that pureed junk as she has so many teeth.  And I'm SO ready to not be making her homemade food anymore.  I've transferred over to the organic pouches for more variety and get her used to foods I don't have the time or patience to prep.  I'm pretty proud that I made all her food from 4 months until about 9 months.  Go me!

My sweet little fourth of July babies getting ready to go into the pool.  Sadly, I completely forgot to take a picture of them in their adorable outfits.  I think I might redress them just to take a picture!  This was a great weekend with my parents as THEY BOUGHT A HOUSE in the town where we live!! Yay!  Now they will be spending three or four months a year down here.  We're very excited to have them so nearby.  Funny....15 years ago I couldn't WAIT to get them out of my hair and now I couldn't be more thrilled to have them nearby. I reminded Husband of this last night.  That Lolly is just a few years away from wanting nothing to do with us and then she'll be off at college and starting her own life.  So, we really shouldn't complain so much at the constant need for attention from her as pretty soon, it'll be reversed and we, the parents, will be the ones starved for HER attention.  

That's all for now!
Happy Friday Y'all!

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  1. On the other hand, you seem to be so competent, it's possible your kids will know what a good resource you are and never try to get away:).