Wednesday, July 16, 2014

May - Part 1 - Kentucky Derby, 7 Months and Family Photo Shoot

May would be a big photo dump if I didn't split into two blog posts!  I really need to be better at keeping up.  I do have lots of fun things planned once I do get caught up next week, including giveaways, fashion updates (Spy It, Buy It) and some new products that I love.  

But first.....

Thanks to a very good family friend who happens to be a photographer, we had pictures made.  I really wanted beach pictures.  We've never had them done and I've always wanted pictures.  Well, who knew they are SO difficult to get!  I should have listened to the Sharda when she said we should do them in the morning.  We chose about 5:00 p.m. and wow was it windy!  The girls pictures turned out great, as did the rest....except for my hair was parallel to the ground!  Haha!

I don't think I ever posted H.G.'s baby pictures.  Here's one.....look at the difference seven months makes!  (THOSE LIPS!)

So we moved to a nearby park and got some really fantastic pictures!  Here's a few.
If you're ever in the Palm Beach or Treasure Coast area, even for a beach vacation, be sure to look her up.  She will travel a bit!

The first weekend of May, we held our 2nd Annual Kentucky Derby Party (skipping a year in between due to my being pregnant with H.G.).  Thanks to a good friend, I have quite a few pictures, but here are just a couple.  

Of course, there were lots of hats, even more Lilly and lots and lots of bourbon for the Mint Juleps!  With the help of a chef, I was able to cater to about 75 people (children included) and of course, the house was decorated in roses and Derby decor.  You may remember our first party that I blogged about HERE.

H.G. turned seven months in May AND started crawling!  Ack!  She's everywhere and into everything!  Lolly never touched a light socket, never opened a drawer, never played with the toilet paper roll.  In fact, our house was barely even baby proofed with Lolly!  With H.G., there are fences everywhere, door locks, doors shut, socket covers and mommy, daddy and Lolly running constantly to keep H.G. out of her latest interest (which is in everything BUT her toys!)  

She's lucky she's so darn cute! ;-)

Her serious look for when she's checking something out.  A lot of people are intimidated by this look but one quick smile and you've got her wrapped around your finger.

Happy Wednesday Y'all!


  1. Ahhhh!! You know Jac!!?? How? Blogging? I've never met her IRL, but we're even FB friends. One of the first blogs I use to read.
    That Lilly dress HG has on. Shelby has the same one!

  2. I can't believe how big HG is getting.