Thursday, September 4, 2014

August Updates

Well, I'm back to work full-time as of Monday.  It was around this time last year that I stopped working in preparation for H.G.'s arrival.  I worked from home through my maternity leave and went back to work, three days a week, working from home two days a week, on January 13th.  H.G. will be 11 months on Monday and with her becoming much more active, I'm having a very hard time working from home, so it's time.

I will miss the time with her very much, I'm actually kind of an emotional wreck about it.  Down in the dumps.  But I can't complain.  I have been VERY blessed to be allowed to work from home for a full year while I spend time watching H.G. in her first year.  I will be a much better person going back to work as I'm not a SAHM.  I'm just not.  I applaud those that are just like I applaud working moms, there are benefits and losses from both standpoints.  But I know 100% now that I'm not a SAHM person and my girls are not worse for the wear because of it.  

The benefit of going back to work full-time is that I am still flexible enough to handle personal things during the day.  My job in commercial real estate is busy, but very flexible, so I'm still able to swing out early for doctor's appointments, grocery store trips and maybe an early pick up on a Friday afternoon to spend time with the girls.  I'm very blessed in that area as well. 

Moving on, August was crazy busy!  We visited Kentucky for Husband's family reunion in early August, Lolly finished a few camps and on August 18th, we started 2nd grade!  SECOND GRADE y'all!  We blinked.  Lolly is growing up so, SO fast and we blinked.  

Here's a few pictures from our trip to Kentucky.
Visiting Cupcake.  H.G. LOVED Cupcake, got right up in his face and petted him and Cupcake was quite gentle.  What a good pony!

Visiting the horses with Aunt Jess.

Lolly LOVES horses.  She got to ride her later that day.

Nothing like family picnic time.

On her way back from visiting the sheep, pigs, cows and chicks.

Three generations.

Farm life in Lilly.

More farm life in Lilly.  Roasting marshmallows and warming feet by the fire.

Baby cow!!  Baby cow!!

Heading back home.  H.G. was such a good girl on the flight.  
That's all for now!  

Happy Thursday Y'all!

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