Friday, September 5, 2014

SLPS Family On the Move!

Ten Months on August 8th!  Like I said.....we blinked.

 She has super curly hair, just like her mommy (when not straightening it which you'll rarely if ever see it curly) and daddy (when he had hair) and Lolly (when she was little).

 H.G. started walking, or taking her first steps, around 9.5 months.  As of this week, she's walking multiple steps but still mostly crawling.  This is a daily obstacle, as in 45 times a day obstacle.  Either she loves the challenge, doesn't understand that she can go around or just sees that the quickest way to get to her destination is via  straight line.

Party time!  Heading home with several friends after a boat cruise celebrating a friend's birthday.

Lolly's first day of Second Grade!!

Potty training time???

Happy Friday Y'all!

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