Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Weekend Update - Check, Check, Done

It's been a mixture of cold and hot here.  Two days ago it was 89 degrees and today it's 59.  So we're breaking out the cold weather clothing.

We took Lolly shopping this past weekend.  She's had the same winter clothes for three years (she's just a tiny little peanut).  But she has grown in inches and in age so off to the mall we went.  And we came home with several grown up outfits that make me tear up when I see her in them.  She said "When winter comes, everyone is going to see a whole new me."  Excuse the mess.  The fashion show took place in H.G.'s room.

And on one of those hot days, we introduced H.G. to her first pair of flip flops.  It took a few minutes but she got the hang of them.

Play dates with great friends.....

....and trips to the park to play are always great fun.

 Steve and H.G. have a very special relationship.  One minute they're fighting over a toy (or Steve thinks he's playing tug-o-war) and the next minute they are snuggling like two peas in a pod.  Do you see any resemblance between the two?

We've been having issues getting chores done in the morning and evenings.  Lolly is a very task-oriented kid.  She loves lists.  So I made her this list and purchased her a clip board to decorate.  She carries this with her each morning and evening and it's amazing how quickly and efficiently she is now getting things done.  And no complaints or whining!  In a few weeks, hopefully she'll do this without the check list as it becomes habit.

Mommy SCORE!!

And big news!  Ashleigh had sweet baby #2, a little girl with a first name starting with an H too!  Welcome to the H-pack sweet girl!  I can't wait to meet and snuggle you!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

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