Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Weekend Randoms

I love my beach pants I got from the Lilly End of Summer sale.  LOVE them.  We were on a cruise boat for a friend's birthday party and once again, my photographer friend brought along her fancy dancy camera and took this shot.  She always get the best pictures!  I can't wait to see the girl's Christmas pictures and H.G.'s one year pictures!
Photo Credit:  Sharda Gorin Photography

I love posing in Lilly with the girls.  Who cares that it's November! 

H.G.'s one year check up.  LOOK at that belly!  :-)  She's 23 pounds and 33" long.  She's a tall girl!

A couple more pictures from Halloween.  H.G. had outfits for Halloween for every day of the week thanks to Lolly's stash of clothing.  I had purchased her this outfit well in advance and it nearly didn't fit as she's grown so much!  She looked like a chunky candy corn,

 And on Halloween day, H.G. wore this dress to match her sister (who I did NOT get a picture of!)  I had a chance to actually get back to sewing and made these dresses while the girl's grandparents were in town.  (Bow by My Little Florida Girl).

This past weekend was a fundraiser for our local Children's Museum.  I'm now the board president so all of my closest friends came out to support the venture.  Love these guys. 

And it was COLD on Saturday!  So we broke out the cute overalls.  I love cute little pant sets for babies.  

Steve....he's taken over.

Happy Wednesday Y'all!


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    1. I should LOCAL close friends, though you are not JUST my best friend, you're my sister from another mister (and mother for that matter). :-) Love you!

  2. I love those pants. I am glad y'all had a good Halloween.