Friday, December 19, 2014

Casual Work OOTD and Taylor Swift Hair

Good morning Y'all!  I am super excited about a nice weekend at home with nothing to do except pack for our Christmas trip, have a simple order-in pizza dinner and game night with some friends and church on Sunday.  Nothing else for this busy holiday season!  Yay!  Well, Santa is coming to see the girls on Sunday, but we don't have to leave our house for that.  

Here's my casual work OOTD.  Going for casual prep.  Keep in mind I've recently recycled my winter wardrobe (I mean, I wear winter clothes for 30 days a year, fifteen of those days being up north).  Most of the new things are wrapped in packages under the tree.  And, by noon the sweater will be shed because it will be 75 to 80 degrees out.    Anyways, Husband said he thought argyle is out of style.  Maybe it is for women as I couldn't find many similar styles so I just don't know.  Argyle is certainly in style for men!  That's not a problem.  I still like it. 
Plain white collared shirt (old) - similar HERE
Argyle sweater (old_ similar - HERE
Jeans - Gap HERE (not my favorite, JBrand and Dittos are my favorite) but I do like the fit of these Gap jeans.
Tory Burch Camilla Flats- similar HERE
Tory Burch York Tote HERE
Jewelry, Bauble Bar necklace (I think) and David Yurman bracelets

A couple days ago, I talked about how I desperately needed to get my hair fixed as it had been well over the 6 week mark (ehem....four months, oops).  And I have really been looking for another style to frame my long face.  My perfectly long and straight hair with no volume was making my face look very long and thin and I wasn't liking its look.  Lolly loves the video by Taylor Swift Shake It Off and I love Taylor's hair at the end of the video.  While I don't look like Taylor Swift (as bluntly pointed out by Lolly this morning), I do like the style. 

By the way.....I don't like selfies of my face unless it's a group shot with friends and family.  I just don't like how I look in them.  I took 45 pictures to get this one.  Still not happy but just look at my hair.  What do you think?  Taylor Swift-ish????

Happy Friday Y'all!


  1. Love it!! The new cut looks so cute! And argyle is always in style. A classic look like that will always be in, especially on a classy lady!

  2. I love the new cut!!! And I still wear argyle .