Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Adventures

Last weekend we headed up to Orlando and stayed at the Gaylord Palms hotel.  If you haven't heard of it, it's a huge hotel in Orlando, not associated with Disney, that has wonderful Christmas festivities for the family.  There is an Alpine Village where they showcase a walk-through winter wonderland, so appropriately and simply named, ICE, as the entire village is made of ice.  

So we bundleded ourselves up, including H.G.  Underneath all of this she's also wearing a heavy coat, sweater and gloves.  We Florida people don't take too kindly to 9 degree weather!

There was a slide made of ice.  Lolly flew down it pretty fast.  Me?  I got stuck.  

After ICE but still inside the Alpine Village we stopped to see Santa Claus.  H.G. did really well, this time.  This picture was taken just after.  Love my silly girls!

It's always fun running into and hanging out with good friends.  Notice their necklaces?  Lilly bought a friendship necklace while visiting and decided to give the other half to Lolly!

 This picture was from Husband's office party.  Santa always visits and gives all the kids a present.  Thus, the obligatory one-year old screaming and read faced Santa picture that all parents have stocked away.

Lolly's 2nd grade teacher hosted a pizza, PJs and craft night for all her students.  WHAT fun this was (and exhausting for us volunteers!)  Lolly is making a gingerbread house pre-made by yours truly with ornamental icing and graham crackers.  They really turned out great and the kids had a blast!

That's all for now.  Happy Tuesday Y'all!

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