Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fear Sequence and Factors

You know that look that children get on their faces when they get scared? The Fear Sequence, I call it. It doesn't happen all at once, it takes a few moments. First, they stop dead in their tracks. Second, their bottom lip curls down and then the nose starts to flare. Third, the forehead wrinkles and the eyes well up with tears. Last, they immediately turn around and run for the nearest parent with full on tears, begging to be picked up and saved from the horrible monster they've just encountered.

I wish I had step by step pictures of Hollon, though it's sad she's scared, it's the cutest thing I've seen yet!

So, Fear Factor #1:

The Woodpecker

There is a woodpecker that graces our yard every year. Either this is the same woodpecker or all woodpeckers are just this stupid. This bird, right outside Hollon's window every morning at around 7:15 am, decides to peck the gutter...not a tree, the gutter. It is very loud and the fear sequence occurs every single time. Now, Hollon is the most scared of this sound over anything else and it really puts a delay in our morning schedule as Hollon cannot be put down, rather, pried from my arms, for at least 10 minutes!

Fear Factor #2:

Dr. Cockroach

Dr. Cockroach is a character from the movie Monsters. Hollon received a Dr. Cockroach toy figure in her McDonald's Happy Meal (disclaimer - this is a rare occasion as I do not fancy feeding her junk!) After a careful review of the toy, Stuart and I decided it was safe for our toddler. Dr. Cockroach was seated in a little wind up car, so we put it on the floor and told Hollon to watch. Well, one would have thought an elephant was trying to chase her down. The fear sequence initiated and ran through each step at warp speed and Hollon ran the other direction looking for the highest point in the house. Later, I put Dr. Cockroach in front of the pantry holding her snacks as it was near dinnertime, and Hollon didn't ask for a snack once that evening!

Fear Factor #3:


Hollon is extremely fearful of jelly, I don't know if it's because of it's wiggly texture, or if she thinks it's some sort of horrible goo, but fear it is! I had dropped a glob of jelly on the floor once an Hollon looked at it, yelled for her life and went and hide under her "naynay" - (blanket). Ever since, if I attempt to put jelly on her sandwich, it turns into a major fit, usually with jelly slammed onto the wall or floor or chair, whatever is nearest at the time. Jelly is a no go in our house - probably a good thing though...too much sugar!

Fear Factor #4:

Spring has sprung here in Florida, rainy season has started, and along with that, all the little creepy crawleys try to find their way into the house for shelter. Thank goodness for pest control. Recently, we had gotten Hollon a fish, to teach her care and respect for life. We feed him and talk to him and watch him play. Hollon really loves her "shish". You'll see what this has to do with spiders in a moment.

Yesterday, a spider entered the house, not anything big, but it definately attracted Hollon's attention. We watched it for a moment (making sure it wasn't a poisonous spider) and then decided to take a closer look. Hollon was a little put off by the many legs however, was genuinely interested in the spider.....until....

mommy squished it with her foot! Hollon became extremely scared by the squished up bug and is no longer willing to look at spiders. I tried to show her one outside, which resulted in a screaming fit. Probably not the best lesson in respecting life....whoops...oh well, at least she's afraid of spiders and will stay away in case they are poisonous!

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