Friday, April 17, 2009

This week....April 13th

I know everyone is dying to see some pictures. I don't have a whole lot of Easter pictures yet. One is on my other camera and we forgot our camera going over to the Hartley's for dinner, so those are with Rachel (except for the two here), so I need to get those from her. Enjoy!

First is Hollon's new bow collection. I made all these adorable, and easy-to-make bows for her - we've graduated to BIG bows and they are so cute! I tried to get a picture, but Hollon wouldn't sit still, will try again tonight. I can't wait to make some more, they're so fun!

Oh my, the kiddos LOVED the Easter egg hunt at Tom and Jana's house. Tom had hidden dozens of eggs filled with M & M's (yep, Hollon was introduced to the M & M and at one point had M & M juice running down both sides of her mouth). Here are Aidan and Hollon eating them off the ground after they opened an egg.

Hollon would scream and yell everytime she saw an egg and she filled up her basket quite quickly. Oh, she was so excited! Pastor Tom got a video - I wonder if I can download it on here sometime?

This picture is mostly for my friend LeeAnn. She had bought this outfit for Hollon's first birthday - last July - she's just now, at 21 months, fitting into it. It is so cute and Hollon LOVED wearing Pooh as he is one of her favorite characters. Every night, she comes home from school, points at the TV and says "Pooh Tigga." Too cute! Thanks for the outfit LeeAnn! (Oh, and yes, that is a waffle - Hollon decided to take her breakfast to-go that morning. She was chewing and wouldn't smile at me!)

You scream, I scream, Hollon screams (well gets excited) about ice cream! Usually, after dinner every evening, Hollon goes to the freezer and says "I want ice cream." Here, she's assisting daddy in the dipping. Yum!

And last but not least, here's a video of daddy and Hollon playing. Laughter, especially your child's laughter, is truly the best medicine!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. She's such a cutie!
    I LOVE that video. She had me laughing and Stu wasn't even jumping out at me!