Thursday, April 2, 2009

Speaking of woodpeckers....

I know MIL will appreciate these stories - Husband usually tells these "Jennifer Stories" as he calls them, but it's my turn to put them into my own words and these are some of the best! I'm sure Husband will want to make some additions. I learned a long time ago that being able to laugh at yourself can be a redeeming quality, not a, for public viewing, here it goes (and every once in a while, I'll throw in another story- yes, there's more, a whole lot more!)

Woodpecker story #1:
MIL, FIL, myself and Husband were sitting out on the front porch of the Family Farm in Kentucky. It was a beautiful spring day and the birds were out and about and MIL had a beautiful hummingbird feeder in the tree closest to the porch. MIL showed me that a woodpecker was approaching the hummingbird feeder and told me to look at it. The dialogue goes along like this:

"Jennifer, do you see that woodpecker?"

"Yes, I do, I see it."

"Watch it Jennifer, it's going to get into that feeder and eat from it, do you see it?"

"Uh huh, yeah I see it."

"Look there Jennifer, it's going around the tree, it's coming back, do you see that woodpecker?"

"I do, I do"

"There it is, that woodpecker is getting ready to jump down on the feeder, see it, don't miss it?"

"I see it, I see it."

Then, the woodpecker jumps down onto the hummingbird feeder and this is my exclamation:

"My goodness, do you see the size of that hummingbird?"

I guess you can imagine the look on MIL's face and then the roar of laughter coming from FIL and Husband.

Woodpecker Story #2:
This particular bird was not a woodpecker, but I'm going to say it'll understand why in a moment.

MIL, FIL, Patrick (Husband's brother), Husband and I were all dining at a restaurant near the beach.

I'm not quite sure how the story really went, but we were sitting facing a window and a bird flew by. I think MIL asked what kind of bird it was and someone else responded that it was a hummingbird or a small bird of some other sort, to which I replied - in a very loud voice...

"No it's not, did you see the size of it's pecker?"

Of course, I meant it's beak however, the whole room stopped to stare as Tilden nearly fell out of chair in laughter as I had just blurted out a not-so-appropriate word to the entire restaurant!

So, there you have it, a couple of stories, I hope they brighten your day! They've brightened mine as a smile always comes to my face, and to those hearing the story!


    I just blew coffee all down my shirt.
    Now I've got to change clothes.
    Give yourself a hug for me!

  2. Becky - I'm so sorry you had to change your shirt, but I made you smile! You should have been there, it was histarical! Hugs to you all too!