Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Celebrating the Fourth of July!

We had a fabulous and busy Fourth of July weekend.  My parents were down for the holiday, so we spent all day Sunday on the boat.  We headed out to the sandbar first and met some of our friends out there by coincidence.  We have a lot of boating friends so we almost always run into someone we know.  Look how gorgeous the water is right now!

Lallie chilling with daddy while munching on some lunch.
After the sandbar, we headed down to a little lake area south of the sandbar.  There you can run the boat up on the lakeside beach (and it was busy, the boats were stacked up!) and then walk across the dunes to the ocean beach side.

Here Husband and my dad body-surfed the waves.  I have a video, but Husband made me promise not to post it.  It's really funny to watch body surfing.
Lallie hanging out on the beach.  The big waves were a little too much for her teeny little body.
Dad relaxing on the boat as we head down from the sandbar to the lake.
Monday afternoon, Grandma and Geezer (yes, that is what Lallie calls my dad) gave Lallie an early birthday present.  They gave her an adorable brown and pink giraffe print bathing suit because she LOVES bathing suits, and an abacus.  Lallie is learning how to add on her fingers so she was quite interested in this new learning toy!
Monday night, we headed out to dinner on the water before going out on the boat for the fireworks.  Of course, Lallie had to be all decked out in her red, white and blue! 

And here we are all anchored up waiting for the fireworks.  We picked the perfect spot!  We weren't too close to the boat traffic so it was relaxing and an easy get-away after the show and we weren't too close to the fireworks that the loud noises would scare Lallie too much.
She was SO excited about the fireworks!  Just a happy, happy little girl!

The Captain finally relaxing after a couple days of navigating!

Ready for the celebration!!

And, what do we do with a toddler on a confined boat for two hours?  Watch Cinderella!

Once the little fireworks around town started going off, Lallie started getting really excited!  She loved seeing the sparklers and had been waiting for it all day long.

The fireworks lasted a full 25 minutes!  They were fantastic!  But Lallie was super tired after and said "It's way past my bedtime mommy."

Happy Summer Y'all!


  1. Looks like a great week was had by all!

  2. Looks like fun! I love that Lallie calls your dad "Geezer" and I love what a babe she is in her shades!

  3. What a great 4th of July you had - spending the day on the water is ideal. Yep, the late hour for the fireworks is a bit tough on the little ones, isn't?

  4. Cute cute cute! Looks like a perfect way to celebrate.

  5. I just want to grab that little hiney!

  6. I just had to tell you that I love you are wearing pearls on a boat :-) What a wonderful 4th!