Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lallie Got a Hair Cut

 It's never been this short since she was born and it grew out.  I cut it a little shorter than Husband and I had discussed.  However, considering she's had her hair cut a mere three times in her whole four years of life, hair cutting is stressful for her (and me).  So, I just said get it done (over her crying) in order to move quickly.  Once it was done, she had a thin strand of pink sparkle tied in and she loves her short hair!

Mommy loves it too because it's not cotton candy and hard to brush.  Plus, it stays out of her beautiful face.

Saturday is her birthday, but she's not attending summer school tomorrow.  So she took the cupcakes we made last night to school today and insisted on wearing her "Happy Birthday To Me" shirt.

Pictures and details of her Saturday pink, purple and rainbow Hello Kitty swimming party coming next week!  (Yes, she helped me plan.  Hey, it's the first party she's been able to make decisions on, so why no!)

Happy Summer Y'all! 


  1. She is just adorable ~ there nothing sweeter than a little girl with a bob. Hope she had fun celebrating her big day at school!


  2. Oh my goodness! I LOVE it! Still haven't cut W's hair yet...but it needs to get done eventually, even just a trim. :)

  3. It is sooo cute! Birthday shirts are a great idea too!

  4. It looks precious!! I saw a little girl in cute sunglasses at the pool the other day and thought of your Lallie and her beach babe shades!

  5. I love her hair - she is so pretty! Happy Birthday!

  6. It looks wonderful! I hope Lallie has a wonderful birthday tomorrow.