Friday, July 15, 2011

Wedding Pictures

Hello Y'all!  Hope everyone's summer is going well!  We just got back from a lovely Florida Keys vacation (pictures coming soon).  In the meantime, Jess and Patrick finally got some of their wedding pictures!  Here's a few from our side of the family including my amazingly gorgeous new sister-in-law, Jess (the bride is always the star of the show!)

Husband, the Best Man

Jess' dress was absolutely stunning!
What's a Kentucky wedding without guns?
....... and a donkey?  (Clem is Lallie's pet)

The flower girls did so well!   We were all nervous, but they did perfectly and Lallie got good practice
for Ashleigh's upcoming wedding (yes, she is a flower girl and I'm the MOH)!
Lallie and her Grandaddy, what a fantastic picture.
Candid moment, they didn't know their picture was even being taken.
LOVE this picture!  Everything about it is perfect!

Happy Summer Y'all!


  1. Beautiful pictures! You and the family look gorgeous!

  2. Those photos are amazing! I love the "formal-on-the-farm" vibe! :)

  3. Just beautiful - love the green! And the shot in front of the barn is great! Yep, gotta love our Kentucky weddings. :)

  4. Beautiful pictures! I love her gown too

  5. Lovely pictures and I as well love the Lallie and granddaddy picture and Candid moment picture those 2 were my favorite. Most of the best pics are when know one realizes that you are taking pictures! I bet the Florida Keys were beautiful. We have never been, but someday we will skip Destin and keep on going to the Keys, HaHa

  6. Ah, I love a country wedding! Gorgeous images!