Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lilly on Rue La La!

Yesterday, Lilly was on Rue La La.  I was very good this time, but did pick up a couple of things with the $50 I won in my NCAA basketball bracket (I took 2nd place!).

I picked up the Little Lilly in Multicolor Rollin and matching Callahan's for me!  Yay! 

What did you pick up at the Lilly sale?

Want an invite to Rue La La so you can be sure not to miss future sales?  Click on the Lilly picture below!  It's not too late for the sale!

Happy Thursday Y'all!


  1. Love what you got! Yay for winning your bracket! I didn't get anything :( I forgot the sale was coming and got busy! By the time i looked there wasn't anything left really in my size!

  2. Ooh, I hit refresh time and time again to ensure I'd be on point for this sale! I got the Eryn dress in the Little Lilet print, Resort polo in shorely blue, and the Worth shift in Summer Mix Tape! Wish they would have had shoes!!!!!

  3. Ahhhh...all of the stuff I wanted was gone by the time I looked :\

  4. I got a yellow Elsa and the Cherry Begonias Avery skirt. You and your daughter will be so adorable in your new outfits!!

  5. I gave up shopping for Lent, so I was stuck just browsing the sale. So much cute stuff!!!

  6. Everything I wanted was already sold by the time I checked! Ugh1 I need to learn to rue la la faster!