Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our Weekend...Plus Some

This past Saturday, we had a family date day.  It was supposed to pour rain all day long (100% chance) and it never even spit a drop until after 6 pm!  Anyhow, due to the impending rain, we planned indoor activities.  After lunch downtown and a sweet treat, we headed the Children's Museum.

The museum is located near a public park right on the inter coastal waterway.  So we went for a breezy walk, visited the fountains and walked down the pier.

Oh to be young again.  She's so happy!

Husband made one of my favorite meals Sunday night.  Blackened scallops over linguine!  Yummy!

For some odd reason, on a Monday night no less, I decided to clean out the pantry.  I need to get my inner Martha Stewart in check.  Husband did agree it needed to be done and thanked me by keeping Lallie out of my hair while I completed it.  It only took about an hour and I was surprised at how much stuff we already had that needed to be used!  I mean many BOGO mayonnaise jars and Kraft mac-and-cheese do we need!  It's been a year since I really organized it (as in taking everything out and starting fresh).  I organize periodically but not a full on organize, you know what I mean?
Before we moved almost three years ago, we had a brand new kitchen installed (a small kitchen, but my dream kitchen).  I would love to re-do this one eventually, but that takes mucho moolah.  One of the things on my wish list is an accessible pantry.  There is a good 18" of space that I can barely reach on the side of the pantry due to where it's located and how the door works. 

But....our microwave did die and our oven door is broken.  Ack!  I microwaved sweet potatoes the other night and right after they finished cooking is when it died.  Husband's explanation: "You know you're not supposed to microwave sweet potatoes, their too dense.  You killed our microwave."
Yeah, I took it hook, line and sinker.  I'm so gullible!
I really shouldn't complain, we are truly blessed!

Moving on....Isn't Lallie's grass head too too cute!  I love him!  What a great little project for Earth Day!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!


  1. Adore that skippin'!!!

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

  2. I would have totally fallen for the sweet potato comment too!

  3. I miss that sweet little voice saying "Ashleigh, your dress is pretty. Ashleigh, I saved you a seat. Ashleigh, I want to sit with you. Ashleigh, this is a fun vacation." Etc.

  4. Have mercy that lil gal has the SWEETEST face. She just glows from within!! :)

  5. Your daughter is ADORABLE! SO precious!!

  6. I say this all the time...Lallie is adorable! Like you, I'm gullible! As I was reading, I made a mental note never to microwave sweet potatoes =)

  7. I did mine a couple weeks ago and was so surprised by what all I had but felt terrible seeing how much I had to throw out and the money I had wasted.