Monday, April 23, 2012

The Wedding Pictures!

Ashleigh and Matt are back from their honeymoon and have seen all the pictures, so I can now post some for your viewing pleasure!  Yay!  There are a lot of pictures!  So bare with me (I love them all!)

First the pictures from Scott Hopkins Photography.   I asked permission to post some of his pictures because they are just FANTSTIC!  He captured some of the most candid moments on film, snapping pictures when no one was looking.  What a fantastic photrographer....I canNOT wait to see the rest of the pictures.

And now the rest of the pictures. 
As you know, I had been going through Ashleigh-withdrawal, so it was wonderfully nice getting to talk to her last night for over an hour, catching up on the honeymoon and the last minute bridal news.  Since we didn't see each other much after the wedding except for when we were leaving the island, we had much to catch up on. 

Nothing like getting on the phone with your best friend to shoot the breeze.  Priceless.

Showing Auntshleigh Lallie's trick.  It freaks me out a bit.

Three very excited flower girls!

I love this picture of the guys.  Such gorgeous scenery.

The handsome Groom, seeing his Bride for the first time.

Gorgeous hair.  It was done by one of the bridesmaids and when the veil was taken out for the reception, real flowers were placed in her hair.

One of the wedding guests took this picture.  Love it!

Daddy giving away his baby girl.  *tear, tear*

Beautiful dress.  Ashleigh was absolutely stunning.

The girls just loved the flower girl dresses I made.  They all felt like princesses.  Mission accomplished! :-)

The entire bridal party.  A good lookin' group if you ask me!

Ashleigh with her newest cousin.  Isn't this a sweet picture?

The Godfamily.  :-)

Right before they left for the honeymoon.  Miss her much already.

Happy Monday Y'all!


  1. I just LOVE looking at the pictures. I could look over and over and over again. It was PERFECT!!!!!!

  2. I absolutely love all of these! The wedding was simply stunning!

  3. Love it! the bridesmaid dresses are cute!

  4. Love the green! Your daughter looks adorable as always

    This is simply beautiful! I can say no more!!!!

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

  6. Love the first picture of the guys! But I'm a huge fan of 'candid' pictures. Ashleigh's dress is so pretty! Well, all the dresses are...but she looked so pretty!