Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lallie-isms and Other Happenings

Good morning y'all.  This week Lallie is attending an outdoor sea creature and ocean camp (ah the life of living on the water!).  And camp doesn't start until 8:30 am.  So Lallie is hanging out with me in the office each morning this week.  

The first two days were great.  Lallie colored, worked on her summer school worksheets and basically stayed out of my hair (and I got a lot done).  Not so much today.  SO, in the midst of helping with her worksheets, listening to her excited (and very sweet) chatter and standing by the bathroom door (because today she's too scared to go by herself)....why not write an overdue blog?  So here you go.

Before I get to the very funny and sweet Lallie-isms of the day (week, month,'s been a while), let me share some of the other happenings in our lives.  

Pool time is here!  And here's a little picture of our crazy family on a typical day.  Lallie smiling and acting goofy as usual and the dog....well, can't leave him out of a single moment!  (Husband was trying to get a picture of my 20 week pregnant belly which has been cropped.....NOT for public viewing.  Sorry.)

I have to share this picture of the amazing organic fruit and veggie co-op in which we participate.  Check out all this produce I get every two weeks for $45!!  If you haven't researched any of your local co-ops I would definitely do so.  Not only have we received fresh, organic and long-lasting produce, but we've ended up eating healthier and saving money too!  Those rainbow carrots are AMAZING!

We've also been working on the nursery.  It's almost done.  We painted this weekend, the buttons were sewed onto the glider (I still have to finish the ottoman) and the furniture is being re-positioned to their permanent locations.  I promise to have a picture of the finished glider next week.  

Here's an in-process look of the nursery.  Surprise!  Pink and Green!  So, Lallie's room is pink, the guest bathroom (now the girl's bathroom) is green.  The entire upstairs with the exception of the guest room guessed it!  Pink and green!  Shocked?  I think not.  Since the pink is on the top, I will make curtains to match the glider but those won't be installed until late July as we're having all our upstairs windows replaced.  It's hot in South Florida for 
L-O-N-G periods of time (as in 6-9 months) and the windows have to be in tip-top shape to ensure maximum energy efficiency and cool rooms, which we currently aren't experiencing.  

This was the former Lilly decorated guest bedroom.  So all the Lilly themed items are being moved into the girl's bathroom (I haven't exactly told Husband this yet.  I wonder if he'll approve).

And last but not least, the Lallie-isms.  Rather, the 
A and Lallie-isms.  They were playing Husband and Wife this weekend during a playdate (to help keep Lallie out of hair while we painted).  

A: "I have to go to work but I'm so tired!" 

Lallie: "No you're not! You're taking the baby so I c



A: "I'm going to work early today. Bye sweetie."

Lallie: "Ok sweetie, walk the dog before you go."


Shortly thereafter they had a fight over who is better, the

 Cats or the Gators. That one ended in a draw when A said

 "I don't understand why we're fighting over this!"


Lallie:  "A, will you made the bed sweetie?  I'm tired."


A:  "I'm not going to marry you!

Lallie: "But we need money for the baby!"

I understand that some of these things the kiddos pick up from mom and dad conversations but that last one?  Are they up watching prime time when we're not looking?  Wondering where they came up with that one!

Happy Wednesday Y'all!